Saturday, April 23, 2011

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I failed with fitness this week.  Being sick and fighting allergies did nothing for my energy levels and my ability to workout.  I took many rest days because that was what my body was craving.  Despite being under the weather I managed to squeeze in my required 120 minutes of cardio and one yoga class.  My two weight lifting sessions definitely did not make it into this week's line up.

Sunday: lotso walking
Monday: 60 minute walk
Tuesday: 35 minutes stationary bike, 20 minutes elliptical, steam room (felt good to sweat out those toxins!)
Wednesday: 30 minutes stationary bike, 60 minute yoga class
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 mile run, lots of biking


Food wasn't really the focus of this week's blog posts.  It took a back seat role to my cold and my busy schedule.  If I had to choose a favorite it would be my smoothie recipe:

I'm Sick Smoothie
This smoothie recipe helped get me through a rough week.  I must have drank this concoction at least 5 times.  Between these smoothies and the case of oranges I consumed this week, I am feeling much better.  Which is fantastic since I am now on vacation on Hilton Head Island!


Tomorrow is Easter and although I won't be at my home church, I am excited to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!  This week I struggled with my faith.  I am desperate for quick-fix solutions to all my problems.  When I realize that it doesn't work that way and it takes perseverance and faith I can become discouraged.  I realized that just because I have to work hard for something doesn't mean that I have failed.  I know now that the journey that I am on is the narrow path that God has chosen for my life.  Each step I take and the effort I put into living a Christ-centered life improves my relationship with Jesus and my faith in Him.  My struggles this week (and always) just show how much I need God's divine intervention in my life, how much I need a savior and how important it really is that Jesus died on a cross to remove us from sin!  Thus the perfect week to observe His death and celebrate His resurrection.


Mama Pea shared a recipe for yummy sandwich bread this week on her blog.  I read the entry while literally drooling!  She typed this insert:

If you want to make this bread without a bread machine, you are a show-off and making me look bad. But here’s what you do: 

I wondered if I was cook-enough to make this loaf without a bread maker.  I have experimented a little bit with yeast and I really wanted this bread!  As I was contemplating the absurdity of making this without a breadmaker (okay I'm sure it can be done) my boss was scheming to surprise me with one as a gift!  I'm not sure how she read my mind but yesterday I got a brand new breadmaker and guess what will be the first thing to come out of it?  Thanks Mama Pea!

Foto of the week belongs to me!  Gotta love the sunshiny day!  Now I am off to enjoy many more sunshiny days in Hilton Head.  Lord Forbes and I arrived today and are already fully enjoying our spring break!  I hope where every you are today you see the sun and it brightens your day!  Happy Easter!

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