Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend with the Kosals

For a while now we keep saying how we want to get together with the Kosals and have them over for dinner.  So Friday we did just that.  However, by a random turn of events, it happened the same weekend they were hosting their annual St. Patty's Day party.  Lucky for us we got to spend Friday and Saturday evening with them! 

Mr. Kummerow prepped pizza dough Friday afternoon and when the Kosals arrived we got to work making our own pizzas.  For Mr. Kummerow and I it was half BBQ and half Veggie, very similar to previous pizzas we've made.  The Kosals opted for veggie sans BBQ sauce.
We slid the pizzas in the oven and set the time, and got to work catching up.  Sandy travels a lot for work, so we haven't seen much of her lately.  The pizzas were done before too long and we set to work devouring them! 
 Served with a light spinach salad.  One piece of veggie and one slice BBQ for me.
It was nice to catch up, but before it got too late they headed home to get ready for the big party the following day.

Mr. Kummerow and I used our pretzel recipe from a couple weeks ago to make pretzel bites for said party.
We made two batches of the dough, split each batch into 8 and rolled them out.  One dough batch went to the pretzel bites, and the second yielded 8 pretzel twists that were 1/2 the size of the ones we made before.  We served the pretzels once again with Wasabi Mustard and they were a crowd pleaser!  They take a little preparation, but were perfect for the party!
The Kosal's always host a St. Patty's Day party every year.  And each year it gets more and more interesting!
It is an evening we look forward to all year long!

The food highlight of the evening had to be these homemade Kit Kat bars.
Not exactly vegan but I had to taste-test so when I veganize these later I know what they should taste like. (excuses, excuses)

The rest of my eats for the evening looked something like this...
Times 6!  It was a beautiful spread including the Kosal's infamous guacamole, our pretzels and lots of veggies.  There were other dishes which I am sure were each amazing, but this is all I tried.

Yesterday's eats prior to the party were a hodge-podge of leftovers. 
It was another beautifully sunny North Carolina day so we enjoyed lunch outside on the porch.  Half a slice of each veggie and BBQ pizza, leftover smashed potatoes, Eggless Salad and Great Harvest Dakota bread toasted and topped with avocado. 

Later in the afternoon we were craving something sweet and cold so I whipped us up some Banana Soft Serve for a snack.
Served in a mini-waffle bowl with coconut oil melted and drizzled on top for a crunch. 

Banana Soft Serve has to be my favorite snack ever!  So pure and delicious!  I think the wonder of this dish is what really makes it for me.  It is amazing to watch a banana turn into this delicious whip! 

That's all for now folks!  I am just relaxing, enjoying this Sunday afternoon at home.  Have a great day!


  1. How fun! My husband is begging me to make socca pizzas tonight :) Pizza is always the best choice!

  2. Looks like such a great weekend! Love when we get time with our friends like that. And you know I love banana soft serve too. :)