Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend Plans!

Let's just jump right into the good stuff.  Not the prettiest looking food in the blogosphere...but I would put money on it being one of the tastiest.  Let's just call this one Breakfast Pudding!

Breakfast Pudding- Chocolate Edition

1 ripe banana
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/4 cup oats
1 cup Almond Milk

In bowl, mash banana, stir in cocoa powder, chia seeds and oats.  Whisk in milk.  It is pretty thick right away so you could eat it immediately, or place in fridge for several hours or overnight for best results. 

Mine went in last night and came out at 10:30 this morning when I finally sat down for breakfast.  I must have snacked too much last night because I was just not hungry at all this morning.

This pushed lunch waaay back...and it actually never quite happened.  Instead, this snack was consumed around 2:30pm.
(not the bread in the container...just the amazing muffin on top!)

Yesterday, after reading Emily's post for these Strawberry Jelly Surprise Muffins. I immediately ran to the kitchen to whip up a batch.  Rarely do the stars align in such a perfect way.  It is Emily's first recipe in weeks...and it just so happened I had all the ingredients on hand!  Brilliant!
Fresh out of the oven.  Emily's made 12...I must have over filled my muffin cups...but I liked them all big and bulging.  However, our muffin to jelly ratio wasn't perfect.  If you add more dough, you gotta add more jelly.
I followed the recipe to a "T" with the exception of the type of flour.  We mixed Whole Wheat Pastry flour with two gluten-free varieties.  Gluten free flour tends to have a distinct flavor so our muffins probably aren't as excellent as Emily's, but they are still 100% delicious and wholesome!
I also ate a small Almond Dream ice cream sandwich that the Fake It Lady let me sample.  We stopped into the store after delivering t-shirts so I could buy the kiddos a treat.  I have posted the ice cream sandwiches on the blog before.  They are a nice little indulgence every once in a while. 

Dinner was quite early since lunch was non-existent. 
Mr. Kummerow roasted sweet potatoes with apples and broccoli last night for dinner and there were lots of leftovers.  I took a tupperware of the leftovers to the kiddos house, along with a slice of the Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat Bread.  I opened a can of vegetarian baked beans and steamed the green beans in the micro.  It was the perfect plate of comfort foods.  So delicious.  Kind of a hodge-podge meal but it worked really well together.  Mr. Kummerow had a similar dinner with a vegan hot dog as well.

So today is sort of my Friday.  At least it feels like it.  I have big plans this weekend that I am very excited over.  Tomorrow begins with a 6-7 mile run with Kristen.  This will be my longest distance since the marathon!  Then I must pack and prepare for the weekend.  I am leaving around 1pm to stay overnight in the mountains with the Women of Worship for a Spring Retreat.  (Remember the beach retreat back in October?)  It is just an overnight retreat, but I am so looking forward to it! 

Mr. Kummerow is picking me up on Saturday and we are staying at my boss's cabin (the same one we stayed at for our anniversary trip in November), so we can wake up early on Sunday and cheer Ashley on at her marathon at the Virginia Creeper Trail! 

Over the years, running has taught me many things.  But if there is one most important lesson it is to be supportive of others' accomplishments.  After achieving my own running goals, I've really learned to appreciate the people in my life that supported me through those trying times.  Now, I enjoy being there for others.  I watch as a very proud wife as I see Mr. Kummerow achieve his training goals from week to week, in hopeful anticipation of his upcoming half-marathon.  And watching and supporting Ashley, a fierce competitor, train for her marathon has also been very fun.  I am so excited to be there for her when she runs on Sunday! 

This weekend promises to be excellent!  I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and take it all on! 

What are your weekend plans?

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