Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trader Joe's please come to Mooresville!

I wonder if you are aware that nut/seed butter and banana is a great combination.  So great, in fact that you can top almost anything with those two simple ingredients.  Our recent favorite butter is Trader Joe's Sunflower Butter.  It's amazing!  Last week I began eating Sunflower Seed Butter and Banana on collards. 
I know, I know, it sounds weird but trust me on this one.  You really can't go wrong with SSB&B! 
Well this morning brought on another new SSB&B creation.  It seems I have forgotten about grilling bananas...and truthfully, it is a much superior way of eating bananas!  So this morning I scanned the fridge for something that could serve as a base for SSB&grilledB.  Hmmm, I wasn't feeling the collards, and I suppose I could use the bread...but that is so 2010!  I do like it rolled up in a spelt wrap...hey!  I got it!  How about on top of a leftover baked sweet potato!
Yes, I did that.  And yes, it was G.O.O.D.  I sliced and grilled a banana for a few minutes until all the sugars were becoming caramelly (not a word, I know).  What I mean to say is that the banana sugars were caramelizing.  I reheated my sweet potato, plopped a few tablespoons of TJ's Sunflower Seed Butter, added the warm bananas and chowed down!
At the last minute I decided to add some healthy grains to the mix and topped with rolled oats.  This breakfast was so good!  You gotta try it!

Life hasn't been all nut seed butter and bananas around here, though.  For lunch yesterday I served up this wholesome salad to balance it all out.

Nothing too fancy here, just greens, broccoli, black beans and mushrooms topped with a little leftover guacamole.  As I was preparing to crunch some tortilla chips on top of this taco-esque salad, I remembered this package in the cabinet:
It is crispy just like kale chips.  As I bit into one I was expecting the flavor of kale chips, but of course this isn't kale.  That doesn't mean that the flavor is bad...just don't expect kale.  It took just a second to get used to, but I really enjoyed this seaweed crunch on my salad!

If you can't tell, we made a recent trip to Trader Joe's.  Since it is birthday week I wanted some extra-special groceries in the house so Monday night we drove to Charlotte to pick up some favorites.  This included the Sunflower Seed Butter and the seaweed snacks as well as soy Chorizo and white bean hummus.  I love Trader Joe's, and if the people who own the place ever stumble on my humble little corner of the world...please hear my plea!  Bring a Trader Joe's to Mooresville.  And yes, I have looked into franchising and opening my own TJ's, however they do not franchise, so my desperate plea is all I have! 

For lunch today I ate another salad.  I received a $5 coupon in my inbox from Jason's Deli for my birthday.  I quickly tweeted my new lunch buddies Jessie and Brittany and invited them to a birthday lunch today.  I am a bad blogger and failed to photograph my delicious salad, however I'm sure the responsible bloggers will post theirs!  In any case, it was a delicious salad.  Jason's Deli uses many organic ingredients and their salad bar is stocked!  Salad bars are a bit overwhelming for me because my eyes are always bigger than my stomach (just like the toppings bar at TCBY).  Today I exercised great self-control and took only as much as I knew I would eat.  No waste.  It was a great birthday lunch.  I am becoming quite fond of these weekly lunches with Jessie and Brittany so you can expect more in the future.  Next time I will try to remember my camera!


  1. I am becoming quote fond of these weekly lunches too!

  2. mmm my gosh those bananas look so happy tucked into their edible green blankets! hehe <3