Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderful day!  Sunny skies, lots of productivity, and I met some really neat people. 

This morning I woke up and immediately felt like I was on the wrong side of the bed.  Weird.  When I wake up that way, I have a few ways to ensure I don't get out of bed and start my day on the wrong foot.  I sing to myself, "Good morning, good morning, it's time to rise and shine!"  The cheer and chipper in the song alone makes me smile.  It makes me realize there is another wonderful day awaiting me. 

One time, in the morning, Mr. Kummerow woke me up with this song, "Rise and Shine, and give God your glory, glory...Rise and Shine, and give God your glory, glory, Rise AND Shine AND Give God your Glory, Glory, children of the Lord."  So now I sing that song to myself as well and I realize that starting my day with a bad attitude is not serving the Lord.  I know we hear this all the time, but we can choose our attitudes.  And choosing a positive attitude has tremendous benefits to our day. 

So today, I stepped out of bed, shaking the negative energy.  Really, I don't know how I ever wake up in a bad mood.  Mornings are a delight in our house.  Mr. Kummerow and I have this neat little routine and we both enjoy mornings very much.  They are slow and relaxing, a great way to start the day.

6:00am: Alarm goes off...Mr. Kummerow hits snooze

6:09: Alarm goes off...Mr. Kummerow hits snooze (seriously, every day!)

6:18: Alarm goes of and we wiggle around and stretch out, open our eyes and finally jump out of bed (After singing songs to myself, of course!). 

6:20: Make the bed.  It is the first thing we do every day.  Our bed is never unmade.  I can't handle an unmade bed

6:25-6:45: Showers, brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, etc.  You know, the normal stuff.  I usually don't shower first thing in the morning.  Around 8 or 9 every day I usually head to the gym.  So I just quickly get dressed in my work out clothes (to make sure I go to the gym), brush my teeth and wash my face.

6:45: pick up all clothes laying around the room.  Before we head downstairs we always make sure our room is cleaned.  We are good little children.

6:45-7:00: Pour ourselves a liter of water each and start drinking.  Usually during this time we will wash any dishes in the kitchen sink and make lunches, and then sit down and do a Bible Study.  We just started doing a morning study a few weeks ago when we joined a group studying Max Lucado's Outlive Your Life.  There was daily homework involved so we would do that together in the mornings.  Now that the study is over we are finding other things to read and discuss in the morning.  I'm currently looking for a really fun couple's devotional book.

7:00: By this time we are done drinking our water and Mr. Kummerow fixes his breakfast while we catch up on the news.  I usually wait a little longer for my breakfast.  If I eat at 7 I will be ravenous by 11!  I am also not very hungry first thing in the morning.  Today I cooked him a grilled PB&B for breakfast while he finished getting ready for school (usually he just eats cereal or toast though).

Ingredients included:
Natural peanut butter, ripe banana and Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat bread.  I received this loaf in the mail yesterday through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program.  This is the first time I have opted into this program.  I feel a little bit kitchy about receiving free food and then being obligated to post it on the blog.  Of course I have no qualms over actually receiving the free food.  In fact, along with the free bread on my doorstep yesterday, there was also a free box of produce from Absolute Organics.  That free box was for referring a friend to the company.  Which I suppose is really the same thing as what I am doing with the bread.  So perhaps I will just get over myself and tell you how the bread was (because obviously I took several bites of Mr. Kummerow's sandwich!)

When it comes to bread, white is out.  I grew up on white bread and since switching to wheat I will never go back.  When I worked at Panera for a spell, I grew very fond of well-made, fresh breads.  My favorite is their whole grain (close runner-up would be the tomato basil).  I love the crunch of the whole grain bread with the seeds and fabulous whole grains.  I used to come home with a loaf of bread at least once a week and it was fabulous.  Well, now that I no longer work at Panera, I don't eat sandwich bread quite so often, and rarely do we buy bread from the grocery store.  I would have to say the Nature's Pride Hearty Wheat Bread is definitely purchase-worthy, however.  It had that same delicious crunch.  You can tell you are eating whole grains.  It was also sturdy which is good for building a giant sized sandwich, but it isn't hard like you would expect out of a sturdy bread.  So the short review of this bread is good, good, good!

Our free bread and free produce could not have come at a better time!  We were so low on food in the house.  I mean desperately low.  I have a bad habit of spending our grocery money all at the beginning of the month and then tapping into other budgets to buy food for the end of the month.  I should evaluate this method and maybe just budget more food money, but we are trying to save money. Because of this very long month and some birthday celebrations earlier, most of our budgets are resting on empty at the moment and we are just pulling for the end of the month.  We are not broke.  But we refuse to tap into savings.  So our food supply (specifically the fresh vegetables that I rely so heavily on) was dwindling.  Despite the shortage we got creative and made some pretty awesome meals over the week.  Nothing too recipe worthy, but definitely photo-worthy:
Stuffed Peppers and Roasted Cauliflower

The cauliflower and peppers were the very last of any vegetables in our house!  This was all we had to work with and I think it turned out so well.  I may actually draft the recipe up for you.  But basically it combined Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo with quinoa and onions in a bell pepper shell.  The cauliflower was mixed with brown mustard and olive oil and all of it was roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes.  This was Sunday's meal and served as leftovers for lunches.

Red Bean and Quinoa Tahini Burgers
(topped with tomato sauce)

We threw these puppies together in a flash on Sunday night so we would have lunches for the week.  They are a mix of exactly what the title says.  Red Kidney Beans, Quinoa and Tahini.  They were very flavorful but a little crumbly.

Peanut Butter, Banana and Jelly Wrap

No explanation needed.
Bible Study Dinner

Thank goodness for veggie lovers at out Tuesday night Fellowship Group.  I filled up on lots of fresh, raw veggies knowing that I might not have another opportunity anytime soon. 

Our contribution to the meal: Mr. Kummerow whipped up a dirty rice similar to the filling for our Stuffed peppers: brown rice, Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo and onions.  It was delicious!
Spinach Salad

I also have the luxury of working in other people's homes and can sneak in my veggies!  I had a spinach salad for a late lunch one day and a green monster as a snack another day.
Green Monster

I brought a banana from home and Almond milk and blended this together with spinach from their house and ice cubes.  The kiddos thought I was nuts and refused to try it!

I also had a coupon for Jason's Deli and used that for lunch yesterday, piling lots of veggies onto my plate from the salad bar.  I began this week in fear that I would die from lack of vegetables in my diet and I think I managed to squeeze more in than usual!

Looks like I managed to get my veggies in this week after all.  

I digress.

7:15am: Mr. Kummerow leaves for work.  After he leaves I blog for about an hour before heading off to the gym at 8:15.

Guess what, it is 8:15!  Time to go!

What is your morning schedule?

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