Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Perfect Day

Mr. Kummerow and I have a new Friday tradition.  Each week I have to scan in paperwork to my bookkeeper, and I don't have a scanner at home.  So I meet him at work and we have lunch together.

Yesterday I whipped up a fabulous salad of chard, romaine, pears in balsamic vinegar, chia seeds and carrots with TJ's Seaweed Snacks on top.

I had a dinner date with my friend Chrissy last night.  We ate at my favorite sushi place.  I had the special, fried udon in curry.  It was good.  Udon is not my favorite noodle I have decided.  I also had a veggie roll.  I had them top it with toasted coconut to mimic one of the other sushi rolls, and it was just so-so.
We had a wonderful dinner and had the opportunity to catch up.  She is back in school and it has been difficult to get together lately.  You will remember Chrissy from our bus trip together!

Today was the most perfect Saturday ever!  And yes, my day started at 5am and I still consider it perfect!  Mr. Kummerow and I signed up to volunteer as course marshals at a half marathon in Charlotte this morning.  As a runner, and a race director, I think it is really important to give back to the race community.   Without volunteers, a race could not exist.  I encourage you to volunteer at a few races each year if you are a runner...or just because.  

The Allston & Bird Corporate Cup was a well-organized event.  Coffee and OJ was available for all the volunteers when we arrived at 6:30am, as well as fruit and pastries. 
We brought our own breakfast so I passed on the pastries.  While we were waiting to be placed on the course, we enjoyed our overnight oats.  In the mix: almond milk, oats, chia seeds and mashed banana.  Topped with TJ's Sunflower Seed Butter and Strawberry Preserves.  We didn't end up eating the fruit and saved those for lunch.
The weather today was absolutely gorgeous and by the time we boarded the bus to head out to our places on the course, the sun was shining and it was close to 50*!
The layers you see were quickly removed as the sun began to beat down.  What a perfect morning for a race!
Mr. Kummerow and I were placed on separate corners but less than a block away.  We chatted as we waited for the race to begin, and then he walked up to his position to help with traffic and cheer on the runners.
I saw 4 runners I knew and I screamed like a silly person!  I love cheering runners on.  Even the ones I don't know!  We were at mile 4 and were done before we knew it!  The bus swung back around to pick us up and we were back in our car by 10am.  See, volunteering doesn't have to take up your whole day.  Even when it is for a half-marathon!
We were in no hurry this morning, so we explored Charlotte for a while.  We stopped at this adorable natural foods store and also popped into a Great Harvest for bread samples.  Of course we walked away with a couple loaves! 

Mr. Kummerow had a 7 mile run to tackle today, so we decided it was time to head home.  His normal running partner isn't feeling so well this weekend (keep him in your prayers) so I told him I would run as much as I could today.  After 4.3 miles I was spent and waved him on to complete his run.  This is his Personal Distance Record and he killed it!  Running is a relatively new sport for each of us and I am so proud at how well he is doing! 
That was the watch time when I dropped out.  I snapped a quick picture before allowing him to continue!
It was such a beautiful day for a run, and we chose a new-to-him route to take advantage of the beautiful lake community where we reside.  We made the quick drive to Cornelius to run around the Peninsula and in Jetton Park.  If you haven't visited Jetton Park, it is amazingly gorgeous on a day like today!
There is a beautiful 1.5 mile paved trail that courses through the park and also includes lake access and tennis courts.  We found out today there is an entrance fee for cars on weekends.  The kind gatekeeper informed us we could park up the road at the Harris Teeter and walk in for free, however.  That worked for us since we were planning to run anyhow!
When I stopped at 4.3 miles we were near the car, so I grabbed our packed lunch and walked back to the park to meet Mr. Kummerow for a picnic once he finished.
Go Alex!  He rocked that 7-miler!  Look at him, he hardly looks like he just finished the longest run of his life! 
Our favorite after-run beverage: Coconut Water!
Our packed lunch included TJ's whole grain bread, sunflower seed butter with banana and honey.  Mr. Kummerow enjoyed some chocolate cookies that were in our goody bags from the race this morning and we each had a piece of fruit.  (By the way, we also received those rockin green long-sleeve t-shirts for volunteering!)  Seriously, as far as volunteering goes, this is the race to do!  We received so many goodies!
We made open-faced sandwiches with the ingredients.  Perfect running snack!
When we left the park, I had to pinch myself.  It had been such a great day so far and it was only 2pm!  The rest of the day was just as wonderful and included a hot shower, a long nap and dinner with friends.  But the dinner will be another post! 

If I had to pick a high for the day it would be so difficult!  I had so much fun volunteering this morning but I also really enjoyed our run and picnic.  Running 4.3 miles (my longest distance since the marathon) felt so good today!  But it was also wonderful to catch up with friends over dinner!  Oh I don't think there can be a winner! 

What was your high today?

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