Friday, March 18, 2011

My new convertible

When I was in college I was cool.

No really, this was my ride.
(I'm not from Michigan, those plates were on the Jeep for a movie that we were in!--told you I was cool!)

I received my Jeep as a birthday gift from my parents Sophomore year and my life was never the same.  For starters I learned how to drive a stick shift.  Second, I could ride around with the top down, wind in my face, doors off, loving life.  And love life I did.

At some point in college I decided I needed a practical vehicle (what was I thinking?) and I drove a Camry around for a while.  But lucky for me, my parents never sold my Jeep so I always had the option of running home and grabbing it on a nice, sunny day.

I also had one of these.

Yes, I was cool!

My sister and I shared our pretty little yellow scooter and our favorite thing to do was ride it together.  That's when we quit acting cool and submitted to the fact that we were really just dorks.

But life was good.

Fast forward four years later and I now drive a Jeep, just a different kind.  It is my favorite car ever and most days I don't envy the younger, cooler me.

Today was one of those days, however, that I wanted to just run home, grab my (old) Jeep, ride out to Cape Rock and hang out with friends.  Sadly, I just found out my dad sold my Jeep Wrangler, and even if home was still close enough to run to, there would be no convertible for me to drive.

So today I gave in to a different kind of convertible.
This will have to suffice for the summer! 

My bestie Em took me out for a 25 mile ride today (although she lied at the time and told me we were only going 20.)  Only going 20 miles!  So when we were near home and she mentioned we had just covered 24.5 miles I was shocked.  (But not as shocked as yesterday when I hit the live wire at the barn!)
The only other time I have ever cycled outside of spin class was about 4 years ago on a borrowed bike for a charity race.  It was a 25 mile race and probably took all of 3 or 4 hours!  So today's 2 hour ride didn't seem so bad to be honest.  It was fun.  The sun was shining.  The wind on my face...and a bug in the eye.  Next time I will need to wear some sunglasses!
I had such a wonderful time today on my bike and I am hoping for many more days just like today!

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