Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March First

It is hard to believe March is already here!  Is anyone else still forgetting to write 2011 on checks and accidentally writing 2010?  Ok, maybe it's just me.  March is obviously my favorite month because it is my birthday...and I love birthdays!

Last year I had an amazing 26th birthday and Mr. Kummerow spoiled me rotten!  He took me to Asheville for a fun day trip complete with a picnic lunch and vegan cupcakes! 
We rounded out the day with a trip to the ballet in Charlotte to watch Cinderella.  It was so much fun!  We got all dressed up for the occasion!
As you know, Birthday Week 2011 has officially begun.  What am I wishing for today...just that the laundry is folded and dishes washed!  That's all.  I really am quite simple despite my need for constant celebration!

So of course this month's theme is March Madness.  It is all about celebrating me!  But before we get into that, let's recap how we did on February's theme.

Fast Food Fast February= monster fail.  How many times did we eat out?  Too many to mention!  To be fair, we only paid for our meals 3 times.  But even that is 3 more times than the challenge allowed.  Whoops!  So what is the lesson here...we like to eat out!  It was interesting to be more cognizant of my cravings to eat out.  But it also should be noted that eating out isn't inherently bad.  Unfortunately, this challenge made me feel really bad about myself when I did end up "cheating."  I was so upset over our "cheat" on Saturday, that I woke up on Sunday in such a bad mood.  Eating out shouldn't necessarily make you feel bad about yourself, and I think in moderation eating out is a good thing.  It provides a date night for Mr. Kummerow and me.  Mostly we only eat at local establishments which supports the people in our community and because we are insane foodies- it is always an adventure in cuisine. 

Since I began a recap of my New Year's Resolutions in February, I would like to continue that series and check in to see how I'm doing:

New Year's Resolutions

#1 Take more photos of humans=Failure
To judge my progress on this goal, I decided to count how many photos there are of Mr. Kummerow and me each month.  This month...a whopping 4 photos...all taken on Photobooth while laying in bed eating our lunch and watching HGTV on the computer...that is until we passed out!  I am really not doing so great at this challenge!  Better luck next month!

#2-#5 and #7 On Hold
These New Year's Resolutions were great and I was really anxious to succeed in each of these 4 areas: Try a Tri, other races, pay off consumer debt and start a retirement fund and budget extra money to purchase holiday decorations.  However, recent developments in life might hinder the success of each of these.  Because we are planning our mission trip to Africa we have decided to redirect our extra funds to savings to ensure that we don't go into more debt by traveling to Africa.  We are expecting to raise the funds to go on this mission trip, however it will cost quite a bit to get the shots we need and to update my passport.  We are also preparing for the worse.  When you visit another country the chance of illness and disease is certainly heightened and we plan to pad our savings account to be prepared for the unexpected.  It should be noted that we did pay off our last credit card this month and now the only debt we have are two loans.

#6 Be more organized at work
I started this season of Girls on the Run off great!  I was keeping track of all the files, registrations, scholarships, etc.  While I did a satisfactory job at maintaining all those files, I fear I let other things slack.  I have several areas that need improvement, including the upkeep of receipts and other financial paperwork.  I also need to organize my personal files.  Mr. Kummerow and I filed our taxes this weekend and it was a mess!  I do not want that to happen again next year!

#8 Strengthen my relationship with Jesus
My relationship with Christ has evolved over the last two months.  I have felt a shift in my desires from wanting an internal relationship and focusing on my personal improvement through bible study and prayer, and now I am more externally focused on serving God's people.  Obviously I have taken steps to become more mission focused including signing up for a mission trip to Africa!

#9 We are just going to quit talking about this one.  

#10 Don't lose weight.
I haven't lost weight, but I also haven't lost the desire to lose weight.  While I am happy most days with who I am, I also struggle with this underlying dissatisfaction with my body.  I don't want to lose weight, because I want to learn how to love myself fully.  I hope that through serving and focusing on others, I will stop focusing on myself and my own imperfections.  I read a great saying on Twitter today from Tina at Faith, Fitness, Fun: Never say anything about yourself that you don't want to come true.  That is such a great thought.  In general I do believe that I have eliminated a lot of negative self-talk.

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