Monday, March 7, 2011

The Greatest Year Ever!

Happy Monday!  At least I'm trying to make it happy.  I have to admit, turning 27 wasn't all glitz and glamor and the reality of this birthday weekend was a mix of really awesome celebrations and really low emotions.  Thus the blogging hiatus.  Maybe the depression was caused by the awesomeness of 26 passing away.  This past year was the best ever.  I achieved some pretty large goals, my relationship with my husband grew, my relationship with Christ grew.  I landed my dream job and I started this blog and realized my passion for cooking and baking and all things food.

As I kissed 26 good bye and welcomed in 27 my mood grew dark.  Isn't it supposed to be 25 that sends you for a tail-spin?  A quarter-life crisis?  I don't remember 25 well, probably because the year isn't well documented blog-style.  But I don't remember my birthday being so depressing.  I love birthdays, and I love celebrating and so for me, this could quite possibly be the first birthday that wasn't all roses. 

But I'm not leading you down some dark pathway with sad emotions today.  No, instead, I'm choosing to remember the great parts about this birthday and the fun I had celebrating.  Friday night we had an amazing dinner at Harvest Moon Grille in Charlotte.  Saturday I PR'd at Charlotte's Get Your Rear in Gear 5k, followed by a fun breakfast with Mr. Kummerow and my friend Elizabeth.  Saturday night was another fun birthday celebration at the Frye's.  You may remember Emily and Travis from when they cooked Mr. Kummerow and me this delicious dinner
They had us over Saturday as well as some other friends to watch the Carolina v. Duke game and it was a wonderful time!  Not to mention the amazing food.  So despite my grim front this morning, my birthday was actually very eventful and fun and I am excited to share with you all the details. 

But before we get into that.  Let's recap what was the greatest year yet...26!

It all began with a wonderfully orchestrated day by Mr. Kummerow.  At 8am the doorbell rang and I was greeted with these delicious treats:
Mr. Kummerow ordered vegan cupcakes for me and had them delivered!  We packed a few in our picnic and headed to Ashevill for the day.  We enjoyed the art museum and a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 
We returned home just in time to gussy up for the ballet in Charlotte.
 The things I remember most from the spring of 2010 was Mr. Kummerow's beard and our camping trip on Easter where we roasted Peeps!
Mr. Kummerow's 29th birthday was great fun last year and we celebrated with a trip to Myrtle Beach.
That was after he lost the beard obviously!
Our summer was off on a great foot and I began running quite a bit.  I started my first garden and got ready for the two week road trip to the midwest.
We visited our friends and family throughout Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis, but the highlight of the trip was my little sister's wedding!
Our mini-vacation to St. Louis at the end of the trip was also a wonderful treat and a great culinary experience!
This trip was actually the beginning of my obsession with photographing food!

Last summer my little brother visited me in North Carolina and we took a camping/hiking trip to the mountains.  That was the most fun experience I have ever had and I really had a great time bonding with my brother!
I had the opportunity to introduce him to a wide range of vegan food as well as running! 

Finally that summer, Mr. Kummerow's sister visited with her best friend Kelsey and I had so much fun showing them around Asheville and visiting the Grove Park Inn.
Fall is my favorite time of year and in 2010 it was a great season.  I was running a lot and made some new running friends who kept me motivated and encouraged and inspired me to register for the marathon.  I competed in three races.  The Marine Mud Run, the Triple Lakes Trail Race and the Pumpkin Run 8k.
I kicked off the Fall of 2010 with a new look when I donated my hair to Locks of Love:

We had some fun visitors:
And we visited others:
We traveled all the way to Vegas for a wedding:
And I was in my best friend Emily's wedding right here in Charlotte:
Mr. Kummerow and I celebrated our own anniversary with an amazing dinner and weekend trip to the mountains.
 And I also attended a beach retreat with ladies from my church and other surrounding churches.

All while training for the marathon.
The winter came too quickly and I went from running in shorts and t-shirts to needing running tights very quickly!
We had great fun with the holidays, hosting a cookie party and enjoying a quiet Christmas at Mr. Kummerow's mom's.
We got lots of snow this winter which was beautiful but not fun for running!
My winter was highlighted by the running the marathon and achieving this year-long goal!
I also got to spend a full week in the warm Arizona weather with some of the best women around!

I taught my first vegan cooking class after coming home from Arizona and that pretty much brings us up to speed!

I think you can understand better now why I am so hesitant to let 26 go and bring on 27.  It was just a fun and fabulous year!  I know that I have great things to look forward to this year, and so now, after officially memorializing what was the greatest year ever, I am ready to move on and move forward! 


  1. What a wonderful year! Happy birthday! I hope my 26th year is as great as yours was. (I turn 26 in July.)

  2. No wonder why it was bittersweet to kiss 26 good-bye... what a fabulous year! 25 didn't phase me... 27 did. Isn't that funny? Something about being in my late 20s I guess? Anyway, I'll bet 27 will be an incredible year for you, too! Happy birthday!