Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch...

This was the scene Sunday night upon returning from our Mountain Roadtrip:

Mr. Kummerow: I'm kinda hungry.

Me: Ok, what should we do for dinner.

MrK: I don't know, what do you think?

Me: I don't know.  Take out?

MrK and Me: (guilty conscience) Nah, we ate out the last two nights and have no money.

Me: I just want a lot of veggies.

MrK: All we have is kale.  Should we go to the store?

Me: Ok

MrK and Me drive to the grocery store.  Once inside, stand in the produce section staring blankly ahead.  

MrK: Anything look good to you?

Me: Nah.  You?

MrK: Nah?  You want to try another store.

Me: Sure

MrK and Me drive to another grocery store.  Enter, stand in the produce section for no less than 15 minutes staring blankly ahead.

Perhaps we should have given up, gone home and went straight to bed instead of eating.  We were obviously way to incisive to find something to please our palates.  I couldn't even imagine if we attempted to eat out?  We might have sat for an hour looking over menus!

Finally we left the store with a package of portabella mushrooms. You can't really go wrong with those.  Plus they cook up quickly and do not require much work.  Later we read that produce in our area is lacking because of recent frosts, maybe that is why nothing looked appetizing.

Once home, Mr. Kummerow set to work preparing the mushrooms.  He peeled them and marinated them in an Italian dressing.  I sliced a sweet potato into fries and baked them in the oven. 

When the potatoes were almost done (about 30 minutes) we grilled the portabellas on the George Foreman while Mr. Kummerow sauteed the Kale.  After just 5 more minutes dinner was ready.
I brought leftover rolls home from the retreat and we each grabbed one to accompany our meal.  And then I got creative:
I sliced up my mushroom and made a slider!  Topped with the kale and bbq sauce.  Had I known how awesome dinner turned out, I would have marched straight to the mushrooms in the store in the first place!  This is going on my "must make again" list.  I am thinking this will be a fine meal to serve guests.  Who wants to come over and have sliders with us?!

Staring at food in the grocery store and taking absolutely no interest in meal planning scared me a little.  I wondered if this little foodie thing was all a phase.  What if I no longer enjoy food? What will happen to my blog?  Typically I think about food all day long.  What was wrong with me?

Luckily, I was returned to normal on Monday.  Food was on my brain once again.  Unfortunately, I was so busy I didn't have much time to prepare any photo-worth meals.  For breakfast, I could not stomach another bowl of chocolate pudding oats (5 days in a row!) so I ate a bowl of PB Puffins and one of Emily's Strawberry Jelly Surprise Muffins.  Lunch was leftovers from Coyote Kitchen and dinner was a giant salad at around 4:30pm.  I had CPR class last night and didn't get home until almost 9pm! 

Today, the camera was once again used:
This breakfast doesn't look like much but it was amazing.  Since the George Foreman was still out from Sunday, I decided to make a morning panini: PB&J on Sandwich Thins.

Lunch included many of my favorite foods:
Baked sweet potato- topped with raisins and pecans, whole wheat toast with mashed avocado and apple slices.  Yummy!

And that brings us up to speed.  No recipes: just wholesome good food.

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