Friday, March 25, 2011

Breakfast Pudding- Chocolate Edition take 2

I owe you big for the less-than-stellar photos I shared yesterday of this more-than-stellar breakfast!  I did my breakfast pudding an injustice by posting it yesterday, exposing it's "bad side."  Grainy iPhone photos combined with a not-so-pretty bowl creates an unappetizing looking meal!  I should know better.  This morning I have redeemed myself.  Tell me you are drooling...
This is so good, I made a batch for both me and Mr. Kummerow for breakfast this morning.  I told him how I ate chocolate pudding for breakfast yesterday and he was jealous.  Overnight oats aren't typically his favorite, but we was anxious to check this out.

The sliced strawberries were his idea, and rather than top with peanut butter, which didn't work in my opinion (I don't think I've ever said that before!), I added some twigs and puffs for a little crunch. 
Seriously, this is so good and so easy.  I'm sure you have the ingredients on hand.  My kitchen is seriously lacking groceries at the moment and I was able to whip up this meal.  It is all pantry staples: oats, cocoa powder, chia seeds and almond milk and bananas.  You will always be able to find those 5 ingredients in my kitchen!

Last night I had to double check the ingredients of cocoa powder to make sure this really was a healthy breakfast because it feels so much like an indulgence.  I hopped over to My Daily Plate on Livestrong to check out the stats:
Check out that protein and fiber!  Sure, there are plenty of carbs and sugar, but it is all from natural sources and whole foods.  Plus, carbs aren't bad, they provide energy to get your day going!  This is a breakfast I can stand behind.  Not to mention it kept me full all day!  If you would like to reduce the carbohydrates, just omit the cereal topping.

So I am a bad runner and just canceled my long run today.  While it is sunny, it is still only 40*.  I know that tomorrow morning will be an early, semi-long, chilly run in the mountains so I just wasn't feeling it today.  Plus, I need to lift one more time this week (according to Ashley's Army guidelines) and I won't have time to get to a gym all week.  So I am skipping on the cardio today and opting for an intense weight session with Ashley instead.  (Sorry Kristen)

I am off to get some packing and food prep done for the weekend.  My ride comes at 1pm and I have plans at the gym at 10:30 and lunch plans with Mr. Kummerow at 11:30 so I gotta get busy! 

In case I don't find internet connection in the mountains this weekend, enjoy yours and I will see you back here on Monday!

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