Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vegan Faith Week in Review

It's that time again...time to review this week!


Sunday- Rest (as always...gotta love the Sabbath)
Monday- Spin class, swim 1000m
Tuesday- Run 2 miles, lift
Wednesday- unexpected rest day...hung out with the hubby all day!
Thursday- Pilates, 20 minutes on a stationary bike
Friday- lift, swim 1500m
Saturday- run 3.2 miles

Favorite Recipe this week:

This is such a hard one...I have to admit there were several great ones this week.  Ok, ok , I will narrow it down:

Sweet Potato Hummus

This was a winner in my book.  Doesn't get much better than this stuff!

And I have to pick a runner-up because they were all just so good!


This stuff has changed my life!  You have got to try it!

Favorite Post of the Week:

I can't pick just one here either.  It was amazing to get several things off my chest this week.  I told you my worse news ever and my best news ever in a series of posts on Thursday.  If you missed them, catch up here:

First Thing
Second Thing
Third Thing

Favorite Photo of the Week:
Mr. Kummerow caught this corn kernel popping in mid-air!  How awesome is that!?

Today is the start of something B.I.G.  It is Birthday Week!  The Kummerow's love a good celebration and birthdays are no exception!  Starting now, expect lots of fun birthday celebration posts all week, culminating in a really fun week of celebration review next Saturday!  I love birthdays!

How do you celebrate birthdays?  Simple, extravagant?

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