Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Vegan Faith Week in Review

It's a day late, and I considered discontinuing this series.  I'm not sure if anyone else enjoys these, but I sure do.  So for the third is a review:

Work outs this week:

Monday- swim 2200
Tuesday- rest (got sick)
Wednesday- rest (recovering from short-lived illness)
Thursday- RUN 2 MILES! and lift
Friday- swim 1800
Saturday- swim 1750, lift

I failed to do yoga or pilates this week.  If you are keeping up with the fitness challenge, you will know that I now owe $2 for my missed work-out.  I did manage to get all my cardio and my 2 lifting sessions in despite catching a bug this week!

Favorite Recipe of the week:

This week I can't pick just one.  These two recipes completely made my week!

Perfect Pizza Dough

This dough recipe was such an unexpected surprise.  It turned out so great; so much better than I could have imagined!

Immune Defense Smoothie

This smoothie helped me successfully kick the butt out my stomach bug!  In less than 24 hours I was 100% again! I drank this exact smoothie 4 times this week!

Favorite Post this week:


I have been so energized since my meeting with Doug and our decision to focus on missions.  I am ready for a big challenge!

New this week:

Favorite Photo of the week:
Loved making pizza dough this week!  So much fun! 

What were the highlights of your week?  Valentine's Day was great!  I really enjoyed the holiday this year with my wonderful hubby!  That was probably my high for the week.  Although I'm not sure which was better, Sunday's or Monday's celebration!

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