Thursday, February 24, 2011

Third Thing...

This is what I found on my camera just now!  Isn't he sweet?

Three posts in one day...aren't you lucky?!

Ok, I'm sorry to leave you hanging...twice.  But it is time to share the best news of all.  It is obvious that I have been feeling quite restless with life lately.  Despite having an amazing job, a wonderful husband and a great relationship with Christ, I still feel unfulfilled.  Daily I wonder what is the missing piece.

Recently Mr. Kummerow and I have dedicated  more time serving and finding ways for God to use us. 
On our anniversary trip last year, we had a lengthy conversation about our goals over the next few years.  It seems we always say, "Someday we would like to..." but rarely do we every say yes to the opportunities that come our way.  We made the decision then to stop saying someday and start saying today.  When we are given an opportunity, we no longer want to put it off.  We want to say yes.  We want to say "Here I am God, use me!"

We met with our pastor last week to discuss options for the youth group and one topic led to another and soon we were approaching a subject that I have only dreamed about--in my wildest of dreams!

Each year our church visits Mwandi, Zambia (that is in Africa).  We send a team each year and those that go serve in a variety of ways.  In Mwandi we help support a very large mission including a hospital, orphanage, school, homeless shelter, and agriculture project.  Mr. Kummerow and I always say we want to go but it always turns into "maybe next year."

So last week we said YES to an opportunity.  We said YES to Africa!  It just so happens there are two spots available for this summer and we have enough savings to make the deposit that is due this week!  We are throwing caution to the wind, putting our faith in God, trusting that this is his will and we are saying YES.

This decision is so exciting for us and I am anxious to share with you more details.  However, since we just found out we are going, we hardly have any details.  We know we are going this summer- June and July.  We know we will be gone for about 3 weeks and we know that we can get the time off work.  That is about all we know so far.  I am excited to take this adventure with Mr. Kummerow and I am also excited to share it with you!  This is a chance of a lifetime and I could just pinch myself to realize that it is going to happen!  In just a few short months!

So now you have, two, three.  (Ok, one is still in the works!)  Here's another 1, 2, 3 for you:
This was my very late lunch today.  I hardly have an original thought these days so I must credit the creator here.  Thank you Gena for this fabulous idea!  I have been holding out for months, questioning the combination.  But I'm here today to assure you it is a winner.  Of course, this is coming from the girl who tops her chili with peanut butter.  However, collards, bananas and Trader Joe's Sunflower Seed Butter is definitely a winning combo!  Trust me!
Good night!

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  1. How exciting for you both! Can't wait to hear more about it!!!