Saturday, February 12, 2011

Second Week in Review

Last Saturday I did a short post of my week in review.  I enjoyed recapping the events of the week so much that I will share with you once again.

Work-outs this week:
Sunday- Rest
Monday-  Rest
Tuesday- Swim 45 minutes
Wednesday- Lift, cycle 15 minutes, walk on treadmill 15 minutes
Thursday- cycle 35 minutes
Friday- Swim 45 minutes, Lift
Saturday- yoga

This week was a little less cardio intensive than last week.  On Wednesday I removed the boot from my foot and rather than jump right back into running, I have decided to take it slow.  I started with pedaling on a stationary bike and alternating with incline walking on the treadmill.  I have also been kicking my legs in the pool again. 

While I would have liked to incorporate more cardio this week, this was all I could squeeze in.  Registration for Girls on the Run wrapped this week and we started our first week of practices.  It has been busy to say the least, but very rewarding.  I have already received so much positive feedback this season!

My favorite post this week:
My Vegan Kitchen!  I loved filming a video and showing you an inside peek into my kitchen!

This was a fun week for Vegan Faith.  If you missed it, catch up with the Vegan Kitchen Essentials Series:

Vegan Kitchen Essentials: Sous Chef
Vegan Kitchen Essentials: Small Appliances
Vegan Kitchen Essentials: Handy Kitchen Tools
Vegan Kitchen Essentials: Essential Nutrients
Vegan Kitchen Essentials: My Vegan Kitchen
Vegan Kitchen Essentials: Vegan Foods

My favorite recipe of the week:

I didn't post very many recipes this week.  For one, we hardly cooked at home.  I was babysitting late into the evenings and things were really busy.  For two, I was too busy posting the Vegan Kitchen Essentials series.  Nonetheless, I have a favorite recipe for the week, but it wasn't my own. 

Angela's No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Treats

These were delicious!  They were just sweet enough to cure all cravings, without being a sugar overload.  I enjoyed snacking on these after lunch just about every day this week!

It is a beautiful Saturday in North Carolina.  Mr. Kummerow and I are off to enjoy it with friends.  It is Ava's first birthday.  Happy Birthday Beautiful Bug!
And because I just feel so fabulous today, I must share with you...
The shoes were a gift from my mom.
The necklace (with matching earrings) a gift from my bestie Melis.  (It is her daughter's birthday party tonight)
Naturally I had to find a top to match both for this special occasion.  Shirt and Sweater from on clearance rack $20.  Told you I was cheap!
Feeling funky and fun...priceless!

Have a great weekend!

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