Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Are my Sundays ever anything but happy?  Today was no exception.  I truly am so blessed and I just love living life! 

This morning we woke up and made a successful batch of blueberry pancakes.  Last week we failed miserably with the pancakes, but we learned our lesson and they were delicious!

In church we are studying the book of John and have gotten so far as to talk about John the Baptist and then Jesus' first disciples.  Discipleship has been on my heart and mind for plenty of time now.  I have often expressed my desire to step out as a missionary.  I am exhausted with working on my self, and I feel it is time to work for Christ, bringing others to him and growing the kingdom of God.  I get wrapped up in my bible studies, my church family, my comfort zone of Christianity and I forget the real meaning of being a Christian. 

As Doug led us in his message today I was again pulled in the direction of mission work.  One of the things he mentioned was that being a disciple meant we must turn the attention away from ourselves and to Christ.  While studying the bible and bonding with a church family are important steps in sanctification, I feel without mission work and evangelism it is an unbalanced Christian life...and that is the Christian life I have been living.  It has been an ongoing theme this year that I want to do more in the community and perhaps even travel as a missionary but as much as I say it, I haven't really made any attempt to do so. 

This morning re-energized my passion and I am really praying to find a new way to serve in God's kingdom!  God is now asking me "What are you ultimately after in life?'  Is it the house, the car, the comfortable retirement...or is it a life filled with passion, purpose and love?  Certainly the two can go hand in hand, if that is your purpose.  I am just trying to find mine.  What are my spiritual gifts and how can I use them for God's kingdom?  I really feel that God is calling me to more than just this life I am living.  Now it is time for me to listen, and to follow.  I just wonder if Mr. Kummerow is ok with all that!

Right now I know what he is ok with...homemade pizza!  We are using Angela's pizza dough recipe and this is our first attempt ever at making dough!  We will be topping said dough with our favorite: BBQ Tempeh with red onions, pineapples and mushrooms! 

This is our Valentine's Celebration Dinner #1.  You know how we love to celebrate.  Accompanying our meal tonight will be stuffed grape leaves for an appetizer (bought at the store) and a fruit tart for dessert (that I will absolutely share with you if it turns out well).  And of course there will be plenty of red wine. 

Happy Valentine's Day!  How are you celebrating the holiday! 

And just because I are some photos of the birthday girl.  She is a cute bug!

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