Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dog Sitters

At almost midnight last night I turned to Mr. Kummerow and mentioned I hadn't even written a blog post for the day.  I have to admit it was kind of a nice feeling.  To actually forget.  I love this blog and I love writing, however, there are days where it does tie me down and become a responsibility.  There are days when I want to cook just for me, take photos just for me and in general enjoy life, just for me.  Yesterday was one of those days.

This weekend Mr. Kummerow and I are dog sitting.  Our lives temporarily involve the feeding and walking of 3 very crazy canines.  A cocker spaniel that does not like us, and two large labs that are wild!  The most interesting part of the experience is that we are house sitting as well, which means we are staying the whole weekend here.  Since we are sleeping here, the dogs are in their natural habitat, which means they are sleeping in the bed with us.  I wish blogs had sound effects because there would be some sort of screeching halt noise inserted here.  You must know I have never been in that close proximity to any living thing that isn't human.  Sleeping with two dogs at my feet all over the bed has taken some getting used to.  Mr. Kummerow thinks it is wildly fun, I have needed a little more time to come around to the idea.  There certainly is something all-American about this whole dog thing.  When we are laying in bed with the pups surrounding us, I feel like one-big happy family.

You should also know that "Mullet" as he is fondly referred to, AKA Chance, Chance P, sausage dog- has finally warmed up to us.  He slept in the bed with us last night for the first time and is actually hanging around in the living room with us.  For the last 2 days he would have nothing to do with us!

I would love to show you photos of the dogs, but unfortunately I am blogging away from home and have none of my necessary you will just have to use your imaginations this time.

Since I don't have photos to share with you, I'm going to give you a little photo history of Mr. Kummerow and I for your visual enjoyment...meanwhile I am going to enjoy my Sabbath.  Today all we have scheduled is church.  Then hopefully another sunny, warm day in North Carolina.  We plan to take full advantage of our lakefront living this weekend with kayaking and sun-bathing.  Have a great day!
This is one of the very first photos of us ever taken.  We obviously liked each other!
Another photo from the summer we met.  So sweet!
This was Mr. Kummerow's "hometown date" to meet my family.  (Who else is obsessed with the Bachelor, tomorrow is Hometown Dates!  Forgive me, it is my guilty pleasure!)
Winter in Wisconsin.  We would often walk down by the lake in Milwaukee.  I hate the cold, but I loved experiencing the winter up north!
This was from our first trip to NC to check it out before we moved here!

Our first apartment...being silly and building forts.
 Out with friends, enjoying our new life in North Carolina!
The Christmas Mr. Kummerow proposed.  We travelled to both our families that year to spread the good news!
It was so much fun to surprise everyone with our big news!

Fast forward several months to our wedding day!
And of course our honeymoon in Hawaii!
We had another fun photo shoot in the wedding dress at the YMCA Camp we met at!
Yes, that is my wedding dress, and yes we are out tubing!  By the way, it is hard to swim in a wedding dress!

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  1. Cute!! I want to hear more about your wedding and post-wedding shots!