Friday, January 7, 2011


New Balance graciously donated a certificate for a pair of running shoes and top to help me raise funds for SoleMates while I train for my marathon on January 16 (Oh.My.Goodness.So.Close.)

After a full week of social media in-your-face marketing I received $163 in donations to scholarship local girls into the program.  That alone will help at least two girls participate in Girls on the Run that otherwise would not have had the opportunity! 

I had many hits to the site, but not too many entered, making everyone's odds awesome!  As I said, I took everyone's entries and listed them chronologically by when they donated, listing out their name multiple times for the amount they donated.

Then I took the number of entries (98!) and put it into a Random Number Generator and hit "Generate"

The results: number 74.

The Winner!
Susan Massaro! 

Congratulations Susan and thank you to everyone who entered the raffle and donated money to Girls on the Run!  I appreciate your support!

Suppose you didn't win and you are really bummed out...well there might just be another give away coming up soon!  Check back on Monday for more details!

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  1. just a heads up - no fire tonight due to the weather. We'll reschedule for next week. Congratulations - susan massaro!