Sunday, January 2, 2011


Good morning sunshines!  It's a beautiful day!  Well...a little cloudy and sometimes rainy, but warm and cozy.  Doesn't my colorful breakfast just make you smile inside?  I love fresh flowers in the house and this bouquet has lasted almost 3 weeks!

Breakfast was a wonderful start to a great day.  It included 1/2 an apple, split with Mr. Kummerow, a glass of OJ (no champagne this morning) and 2 Banana-Wheat Germ Muffins from (surprise, surprise) Veganomicon!

Seriously, this is a great cookbook.  The recipes work so well in my kitchen, and should in anybody's everyday kitchen.  It incorporates your basic kitchen staples with a few new and interesting ingredients.  So far I have already been able to pick out 15-20 recipes that I could make right now...meaning no grocery trip necessary.  That is what a good cookbook should be.  I've also picked out 4 or 5 recipes that are on my wanted list and I will grab a few ingredients at the grocery store to go with these recipes next week.  Don't worry though, just because I have a new cookbook, doesn't mean I will stop creating recipes for you!  This cookbook will be inspiration for many new creations in my kitchen. 

After a yummilicious breakfast, Mr. Kummerow and I set off for church.  If you remember, last weekend we were snowed-in and church was canceled.  It was refreshing to be in God's house after a long break.  This morning was an unexpected treat- Nathan and Sadie led worship and they are beautiful singers.  They are home for just a few weeks from college and we have been blessed to have them perform in church.  Also, our pastor was out of town this week, so Shannon led us through God's message which was all about expectations and the unexpected...nice theme, huh?

To continue in this premise, Mr. Kummerow was also approached unexpectedly to lead the Prayers of the People.  This is his second time to stand in front of the church and pray out loud and guys I gotta tell you, it brought me to tears.  I remember the first time he was asked to pray and he put it off for a long time because he (like me and many others) felt uncomfortable praying out loud in front of others.  This morning he readily agreed to pray and jotted down a few notes and when it was time he stood confidently and led the church.

It continues to amaze me how lucky I am and how wonderful life is.  When I stand listening to Mr. Kummerow praying I am blown away that he is my husband.  That my husband is a follower of Christ and loves the Lord.  When I look back at life, I realize how unexpected it is that I am exactly where I am at this time and place.  Five years ago I would not have expected to meet my husband in Wisconsin, move to North Carolina, and now live in Mooresville- a place I never knew existed.  I did not expect to become devoted to Jesus, my church and my husband in the way that I have.  I did not expect to work for Girls on the Run- something else I never knew existed, and I certainly never expected to be a vegan or a runner.

Life is full of unexpected happenings and I'm certain 2011 will bring its fair share of the unexpected.  However, the one thing I can always expect is God's love for me and the promise of His return.

Lunch was expected and actually planned since yesterday morning.
A burrito stuffed with cooked collards, Tofu Scramble, black beans and hot sauce.
Yum, yum!  All wrapped up now...
Many of our meals recently have been devoured on the couch while watching TV, including breakfast, but for lunch today we sat at the table and discussed possible changes with the youth group, our afternoon, and other topics.
Meals around the table isn't something we did often growing up, but I always loved them.  Gathering around a table ensures there aren't any distractions outside of the conversation and the people at the table.  So many times we get caught up multi-tasking our way through the day and it is so nice to just slow down, realize that you have 30 minutes to spare and engage in a person rather than a task. 

After lunch I bought new running shoes!  Don't get too's the same shoe: Saucony Progrid Ride.  I wanted to try a new shoe because I tend to blame my shoes for the injuries and pain.  But I'm beginning to realize that it doesn't have to be the shoes, it could just be the miles and my sore legs.  It is also not wise to switch shoes two weeks before a marathon and I'll be lucky enough if I can get them broken in in time! 
Don't forget to join the raffle for a pair of New Balance Running Shoes and top!  I actually asked the salesperson at Fleet Feet about New Balance shoes today and tried on a few pairs.  I really liked them but as I mentioned before, I am weary about switching shoes right before the big race!

Visit my Solemates Fundraising page and donate $2, $4, or $5 for your chance to win the shoes and top.  $2 gets you one entry, $4 gets you two entries and $5 gets you three entries.  The drawing will be held this Friday so get your raffle tickets now!  Maybe you will get an unexpected surprise!

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