Friday, January 14, 2011

Traveling Foodie

This is what you pack when you are avoiding airport food and spending a fortune!  My typical go-to travel meal: PB&B.  I packed this one with a tortilla just like last time.  I also packed apples, clementines (my new favorite fruit), Coconut Macaroons and the Almond Butter treats and my Roasted Chickpeas I made earlier today. 
Before we left, I had to run out to find a black sweater and Mr. Kummerow and I stopped for some quick take-out: Salsarita's veggie burrito.
Finally, the girls arrived to pick me up and we were loading the car and off to the airport. 
One more shot for good luck!

Our flight from Charlotte to Atlanta was quick and before we knew it we were back on the ground and waiting for our next flight.  After a short layover we boarded the next flight which was 4 hours long!  Around 6pm Eastern time (4pm Arizona time) I broke out my PB&B (peanut butter and banana) and some other treats. 
I shared the Almond Butter treats and macaroons throughout the day and everyone loved them!

On the flight to Phoenix we had personal televisions with 15 different channels!  I settled into some HGTV and Food Network and enjoyed the flight thoroughly.  It was actually nice to just be on the plane and out of touch for four whole hours!  I also started reading a new book, and I cannot wait to share it with you, but that will be another post!
Once landed in Phoenix we waited for a cab to our amazing resort.  I will share photos once I can take some in daylight!  Yes, we did pick up another body.  Jennifer's sister met us at the Atlanta airport to travel with us to Arizona.

We landed around 7pm Arizona time (9pm at home) and it was time for second dinner.  We were quick to find a local Mexican restaurant and I ordered a bean taco.
It was simple and delicious.  When we got back to the resort (which has a free shuttle...I mean Escalade that will drive us around to restaurants!) we found out they also hand out complimentary S'more making materials to build your own around one of the many fire pits at the resort!
I passed on the non-vegan treats, but the others certainly enjoyed them!
I know this post is very matter-of-fact and probably not well written but you must understand that it is 1:15am my time (11:15pm Arizona time) and I have been traveling all day.  And I know I promised information about a raffle, but that will have to come tomorrow!  Goodnight!

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