Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time to dump the dumpy!

Lately I've been feeling a bit like this...
A little dumpy. 

It amazes me that my body isn't feeling 100% yet I know that I am in the best shape of my life.  It's not just aches and pains, because that is expected when tackling mileage like I am; it's more like a lethargic, icky feeling deep down.  No I'm not sick.  And I don't think it's laziness.  I just don't feel like myself lately.

When I imagine how I would want to feel on any given day, this is the image that pops in my mind.
I felt that I was at my absolute most beautiful on that very day.  That day would be my 26th birthday.  I looked beautiful, certainly.  But more than that, I felt beautiful.  I felt alive and happy.  And not just happy but joyful.  When I look back at that time of my life, I felt healthy and very in touch with God. 

Now I could be mistaken, and have false memories of that time in my life, less than a year ago...but even so, when I look at life in general, this is how I want to feel.  So what about me then was so desirable that I'm just not getting accomplished right now?   Certainly you would think I had it all together, I am training for a marathon, I am eating a Vegan diet, I am going to church every Sunday.  I even do a little quiet time bible study most days of the week.  So what's missing?

Well let's try to rewind 8 months and see what was in (or not in) my life then.  I remember that day was the first day I had had a glass of wine (or anything to drink) in over 2 months.  On New Year's last year, I started a 3 week cleanse that made me feel so good I kept it up until my birthday in March.  It wasn't one of those crazy detox schemes with pills and everything, it was simple but restrictive.  No alcohol, no caffeine, no gluten or wheat, no sugar and no animal products.  This cleanse was what started me in the Vegan direction. 

While I have maintained Vegan mostly throughout the entire year, I do not restrict my diet with the other 4 categories: Sugar, gluten, alcohol and caffeine.  While I would never want to fully do this diet forever because it is very restrictive, I must admit that I felt so healthy and alive--and certainly looked it when I was maintaining the diet. 

The last few weeks I have been on caffeine, sugar and alcohol overload.  I just can't resist the coffee and hot tea this time of year!  I have also been drinking much more than usual because of the celebrations and holidays.  And we all know my sugar intake has sky-rocketed and with all the running I have been eating so much wheat in the form of any carb I can get my hands on. 

I gotta think, all this lethargy and tiredness may have something to do with my not so perfect diet these days.  I can't get a full night's sleep.  I wake up in the middle of the night sweating, and toss and turn until I can wiggle myself back to sleep.  It's been rough, and as hard as it is...I gotta face the facts.  I know the answer to my problem, now I just gotta take the steps to fix it.

While I finish up marathon training, I don't think it is wise to cut out gluten and wheat as that would cut back so many carbs, but I think it could only benefit my training if I explored the possibly of limiting my caffeine and alcohol intake and probably my sugar.  It would certainly help me sleep through the night!  I am really hesitant to jump back on the cleanse bandwagon, so instead, I am going to focus mainly on alcohol and caffeine and see if that doesn't help sort my body and mind out and make me feel better.

So here is my accountability.  Until the marathon is over (this is less than two weeks, so not such a big deal) I am going to restrict any caffeine (yes that includes chocolate) and alcohol (buh-bye wine) and I am also going to limit my sugar to naturally occurring sugars (like in fruit).  We will see if this will sort out the fogginess of my brain and body!  Time to dump the dumpy!


  1. I hear you! I've been feeling "slow" lately, too, although I've also been sleeping poorly, which doesn't help!

  2. so bizarre, especially the sleeplessness. I'll be thinking of you for sure. I dumped the sugar, caffeine, and alcohol in october for good and have never felt better. Wishing you a happy body.