Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow + Ice = Snow Day x 2

Similar to yesterday, but different in one very important way...that would be a thick layer of ice on the driveway and on the road, and literally on everything else.  Snow+Ice= another snow day! 

Yesterday's snow day was very uneventful and the highlight of the day was a short walk around noon around the neighborhood.  We popped in on some of our neighbors that we haven't seen in quite some time, popped in on some other neighbors that we see all the time, and then headed home for lunch. 
It was nice to get out of the house for some fresh air and we finally worked up an appetite and ate this lunch around 2:30pm.
Lunch consisted of leftover Cheesy Broccoli soup that was pulled out of the freezer and meatball sandwiches from Nate's.  We bought these meatballs at one of my favorite local shops: Fake It Foods.  When food is getting ready to expire, the owner puts it on sale for $1 or $2.  I scored two bags of these meatballs for just $1!  We served the meatballs on hot dog buns that also came out of the freezer with some canned tomato sauce and a sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast. 

I love having things like meatballs and veggie burgers in the freezers for days just like now.  Freezing soups also helps for days like today.  It's funny because all of our eats came straight from the freezer yesterday including this leftover vegan lasagna.
I had a mini-lasagna leftover from my Pasta Party.  After baking, we froze it and pulled it out yesterday to thaw.  I baked it again for another hour and it turned out as delicious as the first time!  This lasagna will probably be making a repeat appearance for lunch today as well.

Yesterday I also got several hours of work accomplished and had the day off from babysitting which allowed for unobstructed work time.  Today will probably not be much different.  Except one very important thing...reading the bible and praying.  We had all day in the house yesterday, but I never managed to pick up my bible or pray.  Already I am failing miserably at my BSAP challenge.  Today I started my day off right with some time in the bible and quiet time with God.  Already I can feel a difference in my attitude. 

One recurring idea in my quiet time is this idea of happy vs. joyful.  Everyone has their own definitions of these two terms, but I find in the Christian circles, happiness is viewed as a very earthly emotion that is futile and fleeting.  Worldly things like money and food can make us happy but those things are not everlasting like the love of God.  God's love, consequently, and the hope of everlasting life is what brings us joy.  And joy can stand with us even when we aren't happy.

At times I struggle with finding happiness and I look to God for a full supply, but God doesn't necessarily promise us happiness.  Instead, he promises everlasting life through faith in his son Jesus Christ.  He also promises that in this life we will face struggles.  But I believe that through those struggles we will find true joy.  After all, if we didn't know what it meant to suffer in this life, why would we look forward to life with our Father in heaven and the kingdom to come. That promise of the second coming makes us hopeful and joyful.

It is also through our struggles and sufferings that we are transformed into better people.  The book of Romans teaches us to rejoice (root word: JOY) in our sufferings because "we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character, and character, hope." Romans 5:3-4.

Perseverance, character and hope sound like some pretty good promises to me.  And while I might have to forgo happiness for a season to find perseverance, character and hope, it will be sure to make me a finer individual with a heart for God's kingdom and a better grasp on my spiritual gifts and purpose.

One last thought, when I am feeling happy, typically it is out of selfish gain or motivation.  When I feel joyful, I am full of gratitude and hope.  So when I am so focused on being happy, I am being very selfish.  I want certain things and certain responses because I know that it will make me happy, and it might not be best for the others involved.  If I reverse this and focus on others and what will make them happy, I will find joy.  So maybe today's quiet time wasn't at all about being happy but being less selfish.

One last note, a fellow blogger had her baby last night!  I have been following Faith Fitness Fun for quite a while now and she is always inspiring and beautifully spoken.  I encourage you to hop over to her page to see a quick little video with her new bundle of JOY- Baby B!

Happy Snow Day times Two!

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