Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Despite the forecast and the phone calls from the school letting us know of the closings, I still didn't expect to wake up to this today!  Usually they call off school because our county stretches so far north and the weather is treacherous in the foothills.  The foothills will receive feet of snow and we may get a dusting.  School is canceled by county or district and typically we receive the benefit of no school without the heavy load of snow.

Today was different.  I opened the door and saw the 3 or 4 inches we have already received and the forecast is calling for snow fall all day!  Already I am feeling cabin fever.  It doesn't help that I stayed home last night and parked it on the couch all evening instead of going to Winter Jam.  It also doesn't help that I didn't work out yesterday and am desperate to work up a sweat today.  Other unhelpful matters include: we are completely out of all tea or decaf coffee and while I could make hot chocolate, I did mention I was giving up chocolate until the marathon as well.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  There may be hot chocolate in my future.  And finally, the worst part about being snowed in today is we are all out of vegetables!  There are no fresh vegetables in my house at all!  Even our Absolute Organics delivery is canceled this week!

Until I can make it to the store I will be surviving on canned tomatoes (that's close to vegetables, right?) frozen peas, and canned pumpkin.  I also have one surviving frozen veggie lasagna that will become dinner today. 

As far as the work out, well this is a blessing in disguise.  Technically I am not supposed to run until tomorrow, and I am already feeling restless with my tapering schedule.  It is actually really difficult to limit your mileage when you have been tracking so many miles over the last 20 weeks!  My schedule this week:

Sunday: Cross train (whoops)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 2 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 miles
Sunday: RACE

I missed my cross training yesterday, so today I plan to go for a long walk in the snow, maybe we will pop in on some neighbors to get some social interaction today.  Then hopefully I will be able to make it to the gym the rest of the week to put in my miles, do some yoga and get ready for the race.  I have decided to not weight lift at all this week.  We just started a new routine and it makes me very sore, so I am going to take it easy this week.  I may even do all my runs in the pool to give my legs a nice long rest.

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday:
Pumpkin Waffles but this time I grilled my bananas before topping the waffles.  Trust me, grilled bananas make all the difference!

Well I guess being snowed in only means one other thing: lots of time to get work done.  Have a great day!

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