Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Operation Beautiful + GOTR = A Wonderful Thing

Before I even sat down to dinner last night, the post it notes were all a-flurry!  Caitlin Boyle was our keynote speaker last night and brought the message of Operation Beautiful to the Council Directors, Board Members and Sponsors of Girls on the Run.  The mission of these two organizations run parallel and it is only natural to team together to make a real change in the world! 

Operation Beautiful speaks mostly to women, but can also impact the lives of men.  Caitlin found the movement less than two years ago and it has gone viral.  It just shows how our society is starving for change.  The idea is to leave post-it notes in public spaces with uplifting messages written on them.  These messages will reach men and women and likely brighten their day, and possibly their life. 

You can participate in Operation Beautiful by writing your own notes.  Then, if you feel inclined, snap a photo and email it to Caitlin at to be posted on the blog! 
Last night our swag was a Girls on the Run Post-it pack and also our postcard with next year's Summit location.  Warm and Sunny Tampa, Florida.  A wonderful place I also call home.  I grew up near Tampa and I still have family and friends who live in St. Pete and Clearwater.  Now I just have 12 months to look forward to my next Summit!

Dinner was divine!  I just love everything they have served!  I started with a light salad with an excellent dressing!
Dinner was the most amazing stack of vegetables I have ever witnessed.  Women from other tables were standing up to see what I was served!
It was portabellas, eggplant, and squash stacked and topped with artichokes.  Tomatoes and basil flanked the stack and a vinegar reduction was drizzled on top.  The meal was succulent and smooth and I am very excited to recreate this for my next dinner party!

After we finished dinner, we snapped a couple photos with the beautiful Caitlin Boyle and the inspiring Molly Barker. (Not to imply that Caitlin is not inspiring, or Molly is not beautiful!)
We have just a few more hours of Girls on the Run fun and Arizona sun before we head back to North Carolina.  It has been a wild and amazing experience and one I will keep with me for a very long time.  Although I'm excited to see Mr. Kummerow, I will miss all of these wonderful women who serve Girls on the Run! 
Off to breakfast!

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  1. I just love you guys. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and beautiful hearts with me and Girls on the Run!!!