Friday, January 7, 2011

Minor Adjustments

This week has been all about adjustments for me.  I am adjusting back to a normal work schedule, while Mr. Kummerow is also adjusting back to work.  I am adjusting to a new season of Girls on the Run.  I am adjusting back to my role as nanny in the afternoons after two full weeks off!  I am adjusting back to a healthier, more wholesome diet that includes less caffeine, less sugar and less alcohol.  I am adjusting back to meal planning and cooking meals while working full time.  And I am also adjusting to some major life changes with my family.  These things compounded together can make for a very stressful first week of the new year.  I'm not sure I am putting my best foot forward.

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to take the morning off and spend with a dear friend doing nothing that fits into my real life.  My friend Chrissy was doing a trial run on the Charlotte bus system before her first day back at classes and I asked if I could join her for a very unusual adventure.
It's not so bad, riding buses I mean.  It was a long day and it takes quite a bit of time out your day.  But I enjoyed how I didn't have any choice but to remain still.  I could read a book or listen to my iPod,  but without any type of smart phone I couldn't check my email, write my blog or catch up on reading others' blogs.  It was refreshing to be unplugged from my cyber-life.  And while I missed you guys- I really wanted to write a blog, I even kept writing one in my head- it was a welcomed break. 

We returned in the afternoon in just enough time to pick up the kiddos for another afternoon of homework, walking the dogs and playing Apples to Apples.  One of my thoughts this year is to leave my computer at home most days of the week while I am with them.  Some afternoons I get sucked into working on the computer and leaving them to their own devices.  This isn't a terrible thing, as I have been assured, children need to learn to play and find things to do on their own and be independent.  But on the other hand, I really want to engage more with them, play with them more and have fun with them.  So yesterday, I left the computer at home and enjoyed the company of a 3rd and 5th grader.

Despite a good start to the day, I somehow managed to find myself in that funk that has been plaguing me all week.  By the time I got home from work, I just fell into Mr. Kummerow's arms exhausted.  We went for a short walk to clear our minds and after a quick dinner of veggies and peanut butter toast and Bible Study, we were both in bed early last night. 

After just two days of my commitment to eating more wholesome foods and cutting out alcohol, sugar and caffeine, and despite my afternoon funk, I am happy to report I am already sleeping better at night.  After falling asleep at 9:30pm last night, I woke for the first time at 5:45am!  Pretty awesome!  And I was not sweating either!  The caffeine and alcohol were really easy to cut out as soon as I set my mind to it, but sugar has been a little more difficult.

Yesterday after eating about 6 starlight mints, I realized that they were probably 99% sugar and 100% against my new eating plan.  And halfway through my bowl of cereal this morning I had the same revelation.  Sugar may be more of a gradual process simply because I am realizing how prevalent it is in our every day foods.  My sleeping patterns are improving, but my body is still feeling off.  Maybe a few more days of this and I will be back to my old self, all it takes is a few minor adjustments.

What minor adjustments are you making in your life right now?  When you begin to feel "not quite yourself" what helps you get back on track?

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