Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knight on Shining Armor

I'm not sure I have ever described how awesome my husband is...
For starters, directly after posting yesterday morning, he says to me "Can I get you anything?"  "Well certainly dear, how about more water and yes, would you mind finding me some decaf coffee or hot tea so I can get through another wintry day?"  All of this was said in jest, however I was shocked when he walked down stairs fully dressed ready to walk to the store to get me coffee.  Folks, we do not live near anything! 

So above is my knight in shining armor! Or should I say Knight on Shining Armor!  I know you don't get that unless you know where I live.  Sorry for the inside joke.

My day yesterday was full of wonderful Surprise! The roads are cleared off enough to get to the gym!  And: Surprise! The gym is actually open!  Mr. Kummerow and I muscled through 3 miles on the treadmill.  It was hard but my body needed a good sweat session and running on a treadmill certainly helps! 

After the gym we were too hungry to make it back home so we stopped off at our favorite little bagel shop for his and hers sandwiches.  Mine was avocado and tomato on everything bagel, his was peanut butter on rye bagel, we did a little switcharoo and each ate half of the two bagels.  More decaf coffee was consumed and back at home I settled in for another full afternoon of work.  (Sorry no lunch photos.)

Dinner was uneventful, we finished off the rest of the lasagna.  At some point in the afternoon my friend emailed me to find out if I knew about Banana Soft Serve and to tell me it was really good with Peanut Butter and Honey mixed in.  I immediately went down stairs to freeze my ripe bananas.  Around 8:30 they were ready for soft serve action!
These little waffle bowls come fully equipped with sugar and other processed ingredients, but when I found them on sale for about a buck I couldn't pass them up.  When you are being good by eating banana as ice cream, I feel you have the right to splurge on a-not-so-good-for-you waffle bowl.  It isn't even about the calories in this, those aren't that's about the chemicals and ingredients that are impossible to read. 

We followed my previous Banana Soft Serve Recipe, freezing 3 bananas and processing in the food processor for several minutes, scraping down the sides.  After it was whipped, I stirred in 2 tbsp peanut butter and a tbsp of brown rice syrup and served in two waffle bowls.  I topped each sundae with a little Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal.  This was quite a treat! 
This is how I repay my Knight on Shining Armor for all the wonderful things he does for me! 

Ok, so Snow Day #2 recap is complete...enter Snow Day #3.  Yes, that is right, they are out of school again!  Mr. Kummerow has an optional teacher workday, and I may actually be able to make it out to babysit the kids today so it looks like we will be busier than the last two days. 

And have I mentioned that I am running a marathon this weekend?  Yesterday I finalized all the travel plans and double checked all of our bookings and our itinerary.  Each time I did any task relating to Arizona or the marathon I got butterflies in my stomach.  Oh yes, they are even there now!  T-4 days to 26.2!  I have successfully weaned myself off of alcohol and caffeine over the last week in preparation for a healthy body for the marathon.  As you can tell above, sugar has been another story.  But I slept through the night again last night and it felt so good! 

Question: do I have any readers from Arizona or that have been to Arizona?  Phoenix? Scottsdale? I'm looking for suggestions for some great vegan food, and also some activities to do on Saturday.  Do you have any thoughts?


  1. I LOVE banana soft serve! I have a zip lock bag of frozen bananas in the freezer at all times in case the craving hits me!

  2. Your husband is so sweet! I hope God blesses me with a man like that in the future.

    Good luck on your marathon this weekend! I hope you do well!