Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love me.

I have had this reoccurring thought these last couple days.  Are you ready for it?  You have to promise not to laugh at me or make fun of me.  I'm serious when I say this has literally been popping into my mind several times each day for a little over a week now.  Ok, here goes:

I love me.

That's all.  Simple and Sweet.

I love me. 

Weird, right?

Why is this weird?  Well, I think as women we get used to this very negative banter that flows endlessly through our minds.  I'm not good enough.  I'm too fat.  I am not as pretty as she is.  I don't run as fast.  My career is not as lucrative.  I'm not smart enough.

Do you hear these negative thoughts in your mind?  Maybe your thoughts don't say exactly the same thing, perhaps the negative messages are significant only to you.  In whatever voice they come, these thoughts suffocate our confidence and joy.

So it was surprising to me when this new phrase began to ring in my ears.  I love me.  Where did it come from and what did I do to deserve this wonderful message?  But that's thing, I didn't do anything; I deserve it regardless of what I do.  We all deserve to know that we are loved by the most important person, ourselves.

My initial thought was that this is a side-effect of running the marathon.  Now that I have accomplished that goal, I can be proud of myself and love myself.  But as the days have lingered on, I realize this love has nothing to do with completing a marathon.  Ok, maybe now that I have finished the marathon, there is room in my brain for messages other than just one more mile!  But my confidence and love for myself isn't because I ran 26.2 miles.

There have been moments each day where I just stop in my footsteps and think, wow, I just really love me.  I love who I am.  I really don't know what spurred these new thoughts in my mind, but they are certainly welcomed!  And I hope they don't go away.

In case these thoughts aren't suddenly jumping into your head, here's a thought...stick them in there anyway.  Just say it to yourself.  I love me.  Sounds silly at first, right?  That's why I was hesitant to tell you at the beginning of this post.  But say it again.  I love me.  A little more real this time?  And tomorrow say it to yourself.  I bet if we practice positive banter, the negative might just run and hide for good!

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  1. OMGsh, I love me too! I must say the thought of focusing on what it means to love yourself is key. It's awesome being distracted by a marathon or a run or w/e else occupies our brains, but leaving room for that part of us that realizes that God has made us worthy and beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made is an awesome place to be. I chalk mine up to getting rid of the food distraction and eating healthier leaving extra brain cells to focus on the real me. God is good!!