Monday, January 24, 2011

Gotta love a Monday.

My Monday was good.  Busy and good.  For the first time in a long time I don't have a topic in mind for my post today. 

Meals today were just so-so and not at all photographed.  Breakfast was at the Daily Grind with my friends Emily and Cathy and I got the usual oatmeal with bananas and peanut butter, raisins and nuts.  It is my favorite breakfast place, and I am a big fan of the oatmeal and all the toppings...and the company was delightful.  But it wasn't anything new.

Lunch was some carrots and hummus and a kiddie smoothie from Smoothie King.  Nothing to write home about.

Dinner was great actually, but the lighting was terrible.  I have told you about Brickhouse previously.  The restaurant is fantastic and I adore the atmosphere.  I got off work early today and Mr. Kummerow excitedly announced that some friends from work were there eating dinner.  We jumped in the car and headed down to Davidson in just enough time to order dinner with the table.  Lucky me, bottles of wine were half off tonight. 

I had every intention of finally making it to the gym today.  However, the wine derailed those plans and now I am excitedly looking forward to an evening of the Bachelor and the leftover wine from dinner. 

Ok, so the day was fantastic, I just didn't get any photos of it.  I even ice-skated today!  I haven't done that since I was in Wisconsin.  The kiddos had the day off school and that was their request this afternoon.  I would say that was my first work-out since the marathon over a week ago.  If you could call it a work-out.  I do anyway. 

So no photos, no fun twists on my story.  It's just my story and I'm sticking to it today.  Gotta love a Monday.  I suppose after all the excitement of last week, (marathons and cooking classes) this week will have a hard time living up to it!  If Ice Skating doesn't cut it, I'm not sure what will! 

What did you do today?  Are you having a good Monday?


  1. I totally agree with a lack of excitement. All the sudden my life feels all boring now that I'm not training for a marathon anymore!

  2. I was a sulking mess on Monday. Didn't get my run in because I was babysitting and had every intention of doing so later in the day. Then my evil little inner voice tore me apart and I just laid on the couch last night feeling unproductive and totally guilty. Today is much better, ha! Who am I kidding? NOT. I need a run and some homemade larabars.

    That's the link for the larabar equivalent. They are soooooooo yummy!! I made up my own with dried apricots, dates, cashews and a splash of vanilla. Soo good and my bro can eat them with his gluten allergy. He loves them!