Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My day started with a hearty breakfast at 6:30 am.  Wow!  I never eat that early.  We were out of milk (plant-based obviously) so I just made oatmeal with water.  When you incorporate a mashed banana it still turns out nice and creamy.  I used quick oats, wheat germ, oatmeal flour (ground oatmeal) and mashed banana and water to make the oats.  I topped it with more sliced banana, Kashi Go Lean Crunch and some of my sister-in-law's homemade granola.

I was ravenous by 9am but pulled myself off to the gym without raiding the cupboards.  I know in this instance it is my head and not my belly speaking.  When I eat at unusual times I get all out of sync. 

Today's workout included a new weight workout from Ashley for our January Fitness Challenge.  This one is fun because it incorporates two or three moves together to get you through your workout quicker and allow you more time for more sets.  Tonight we have our accountability dinner, so I am going to ask her if it is alright for me to post her workouts on the blog.  Then you can follow along with the challenge from home as well!

I also got in the pool today for an interval swim with Renee, one of my GOTR coaches and friend.  She is really into triathlons, and because that is my new goal for 2011 I happily jumped on the opportunity to work out with her and her husband who is training for a half Ironman!

The pool workout went something like this (all freestyle)

250 meter warm-up
4 x 100 meter dash (high heart rate, but maintain the same speed throughout)
4 x 75 meter dash
3 x 50 meter dash
250 meter cool-down

Boy was I tired after this.  Usually when I get in the pool I swim along aimlessly at a moderate pace and finish up with 500 or 750 meter swims.  Today I think we did 1500 meters total and at a very quick pace. 

Swimming always makes me hungry, so by the time I showered and got home at 11:30 I was scrambling to find a meal worthy of my hunger!
Thank goodness for leftovers!  Quick and filling!  I had the last honking piece of Shepherd's Pie and one last BBQ Black Eyed Pea and Collard Wrap. 

In between the food and work outs I have been cleaning out coaches boxes and filling them with new supplies for the upcoming Girls on the Run season.  I can't believe the break is already over and my Spring season starts in less than a month! 

Don't forget to purchase your raffle tickets to win a pair of New Balance Running Shoes and Top to support Girls on the Run!  All the money raised is used to scholarship girls into the program!  It's a win-win here!  You win, the girls win!  We all win! 

I think I am off to eat more food!  Swimming really works up an appetite!

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  1. hey lady, yes! please come by on Friday for the lighting of the Christmas Trees. It starts at 7:00pm until whenever. Bring a dish to share! xox