Saturday, January 29, 2011

A day in the eats of...

Determined to turn my bad eating habits around, I started Friday morning with a warm bowl of oats sans sugar.
In the pot: 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1 cup almond milk and a tablespoon of chia seeds.

I brought it to a boil, reduced the heat to a simmer and added in 1/4 cup wheat bran and 1/2 mashed banana.
I diced an apple and microwaved for about 2 minutes with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Then I added it to the pot of oatmeal.
And continued cooking for a few more minutes.  I also stirred in a teaspoon vanilla.

This bowl of oatmeal was delicious and had just enough sweetness.  No added sugars = no sugar coma after breakfast.

To make sure my healthy eating continued into lunch, I took the opportunity right after breakfast to prepare a large salad for lunch.
I rinsed all the veggies.
I also added some fruit.  Blackberries.
A clementine.
Some cooked quinoa for healthy whole grains and protein.
Sesame and chia seeds for crunch.
All mixed up.
Shaken to perfection.
I stored the salad in the fridge until lunch time.

In the meantime I enjoyed a particularly difficult strength training session with Ashley (of Ashley's Army) and Angie.  We previewed the new February workout and it was tough!

I was ravenous for my salad by the time I got home and showered.
I added some Ume Vinegar for a tangy flavor.
It is my new favorite condiment; I have been sprinkling this vinegar on everything lately! 

My eats for the rest of the day were ok, but not great:

I promised the kiddos frozen yogurt so we went to TCBY and I filled up on sorbet and lots of self-serve toppings.

For dinner, my boss took Mr. Kummerow and I out for sushi.  I enjoyed steamed edamame, shared a cup of miso soup and a small salad with Mr. Kummerow.  Then we split a veggie stirfry dish and a veggie sushi roll.  A healthy dinner, but I ate way more than I needed to.

That didn't stop me from indulging in a few oreos when we got home, however.


So that was my attempt at cleaning up my diet.  I probably could have done without the frozen yogurt or the oreos, but such is life.  However, I am beginning to think I have sugar addiction.

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