Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bad Decisions

Sometimes I make bad decisions. 

I had a busy morning and grabbed an apple and 3 clementines on my way out the door this morning at 6:30am.  Remember, I'm trying this fruit for breakfast thing based on tips from the "Skinny Bitch."  I try to do it once or twice a week.  Since I was in a hurry this morning I decided I would just eat fruit today.

After a lot of driving from school to school this morning to put out Girls on the Run signs, I had a 30 minute break before my appointment with the accountant.  I was two or three towns away from home, so I settled into my favorite little coffee shop in Statesville, Sabine's and quickly realized this was a great opportunity to try the Umpqua oats that I have had my eyes on.  I picked the most exciting flavor: Lei'd Back, and pulled out a spoon. 

Whoa!  MAJOR SUGAR OVERLOAD.  I make this mistake so many times.  When I get excited about something- usually because of a sale- I forget to take a closer look.  When I grabbed this bowl of oats, I failed to check the ingredients and nutritional content.  Healthy breakfast fail.  This little bowl contained 21 grams of sugar and sugar was the second ingredient!  This would probably taste really yummy to most, but for me it was way to syrupy.  I rarely put any sugar in my breakfast apart from natural sugars found in fruit.  After breakfast I felt like I was carrying a sugar baby in my belly and it made me feel a little foggy. 

Unfortunately my food choices didn't improve from there.  Lunch was hurried and I didn't consider my need for veggies.
A small vegan-cheese quesadilla and a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter, chocolate raspberry preserves and a few vegan chocolate chips.  Ok, so I did throw some cabbage on my quesadilla at the last minute.  Another sugar overload kicked in half way through my toast and I saved the other half for after my work out. 

Before picking up the kiddos I managed to squeeze in a 45-minute swim and then ate the other half of my toast.  After a very busy afternoon with the kids and meeting coaches, I stopped by the grocery store for some staples and then made it home with only one thing on my mind for dinner...
Not sure why the photo won't flip.  But here is the lowdown...I saw a recipe for this Dreamsicle-esque smoothie on a few blogs last week and I tried to replicate it at home.  Mama Pea's version called for frozen avocado and clementines so last night I sliced up the ingredients and stuck them in the freezer.

This smoothie was another major fail, however.  It tasted very odd and my poor food processor cannot puree oranges well enough; I was left with a lot of pulp.  I drank a few sips and gave up and poured myself a bowl of cereal instead.

Today's lesson: a bad start=a bad finish.  Perhaps if I started on a good note this morning, my diet would have kept up with me.  Well at least I got a work out in.  Now I'm off to find something for dessert!  I think sugar is taking over my life!

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