Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alexander the Great

I love breakfast!  Breakfast and I have an intimate relationship.  I just adore all breakfast food items and the act of eating breakfast.  I love sipping my tea, munching on fruit, and savoring a hot bowl of oats.  I love cereal and (plant) milk; I really love cereal and milk!
Our last breakfast in Scottsdale did not disappoint.  We were careful not to miss breakfast again and were first in line on the buffet.  I grabbed a whole bunch of grapes and several large spoonfuls of a potato dish.  Of course I doused my potatoes in ketchup.  It is what I do.
On the side I enjoyed a bowl of Raisin Bran with Soy Milk.

After breakfast we had just one more General Assembly before it was time to leave the warm Arizona air.  I understand we have to go through this every year, but the last assembly was not very fascinating.  It was more about the research being conducted on Girls on the Run programs, and while it is exciting that we are applying for a multi-million dollar research grant through the NIH, the deets of the research does not stimulate my mind.  I listened attentively, and I have to say that our speaker did a good job connecting with the audience despite the subject matter.

Off to the airport where we scarfed down our last Tex-Mex style meal of rice and beans and peppers soaked in salsa and guac.
And not much else exciting happened yesterday except for some heated debates on the Running Buddy Registration process for our county between Melisa, Jennifer and me.  It amazes me that I can work so closely with my best friends, and even disagree about certain issues, be able to work out a solution, and continue being best friends.  We fueled our debates with tasty bagels from Einstein.  I got the new usual: Avocado on Everything:
I also got hummus on the side.  After the top half of the bagel, I got bored with the meal and dove into my banana and a packet of Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.  To.Die.For!  I then realized Biscoff's had no animal products in them and decided to top it with the Hazelnut Butter as well.  So good!

By the time we reached Charlotte, I was exhausted, tired, and all talked out.  I was so ecstatic that Mr. Kummerow was the one picking us up.  Once we were home, and Melisa and Jennifer were on their way home as well I finally sat down, took a load off, and removed my shoe from throbbing ankle!  It is much better and not so swollen, but it didn't do much good yesterday to sit in a plane without being able to prop it up!

Mr. Kummerow had a few surprises in store for me when we got home!  First, we popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate my marathon finish!
Despite how exhausted I was, there is always energy for champagne!
Then he gave me a tour of his handiwork:
 He bought me shiny new burner pans.
He hung the towel rack in the guest bathroom.

He vacuumed.  He cleaned the bathrooms.  He hung pictures.
And he painted a chalkboard wall for me in the office.
I have been wanting one of these for months!  I was so excited to come home and see the final product.  We can't write on it yet, but one more day and it should be good to go!  My husband really is the greatest!

Back to the daily grind today.  I will miss you Arizona!
Photo by Jennifer Summers

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