Monday, December 20, 2010

Why I love Skinny Jeans

Exhibit A: knee high boots!
For years, I have been loving this style, but just couldn't pull it off with normal jeans.  Always too bulky and they would bunch up at the knees.  This winter I finally own skinny it was only natural that I would purchase some fun boots to wear over my jeans.  Above is my typical every day outfit: long sleeve shirt, long scarf, skinny jeans, knee high flat boots.  Love the style, now I just need at least 3 more pairs of these boots!

My journey to skinny jeans was not an easy one.  The first time I saw skinny jeans grace the pages of magazines (5 or 6 years ago) I laughed out loud.  Seriously, I thought, this style cannot come back!  Slowly they grew on me.  Eventually I loved the look.  Skinny jeans with flip flops, skinny jeans with flats, and then finally skinny jeans with boots!  I couldn't get enough of this style, but I wouldn't dare wear it myself.  My thighs are too big, my calves are too big, my butt is flat, these things are just not going to look good on me!  Every time I went shopping, I would try on a pair of skinny jeans and then wince at myself in the mirror and wiggle out of the skin-sucking pants.  I huffed and puffed in frustration and then moved on.

Yet, every time I went shopping it was like a ritual.  I would pick out what I wanted to try on, and then on the way to the dressing room I would grab a pair of skinny jeans and rush in.  Finally, about 7 or 8 months ago, I was out shopping with my friend Emily.  We were browsing the sale racks at Anthropologie, (let's be serious, those aren't really sales!) and then I saw them.  Skinny jeans half off from Anthro!  Well I picked out a few other things and grabbed the jeans last and tucked them under my arm.  Off to the dressing rooms!  Meanwhile, I texted Mr. Kummerow and said "I'm trying on skinny jeans at know they are going to look good just because they are so expensive!"

Guess what...I fell in love.  I was apprehensive at first.  Emily had to convince me.  But I found myself in the check out line, skinny jeans in hand.  I didn't think twice and just handed over the cash.  I rushed home to show Mr. Kummerow my find, and he agreed...very sexy!  I didn't take those jeans off for almost 4 months...despite their black color and the summer heat!
Obviously I was feeling confident!
My love for skinny jeans was truly born that day!  It was hard to take the leap of faith and decide they were a right choice for me...but I have this to announce: I have always felt confident in my skinny jeans!  I don't think I have ever put them on and thought I didn't look good.  And don't worry, since my first expensive pair, I have since bought 2 other pairs all under $20!  They don't have to be expensive to look good.  However, my first pair are still my favorite!

Long story short, I can't take life so seriously.  I can't put off wearing a fad while I wait on a certain number on the scale or until I have reached a certain goal.  Fads come and go...and if I like the look, I can't wait to try it on.  But I can wait until it goes on sale!  If I decide that I am "not good enough" or "not skinny enough" to wear something, my life will be sad and exhausting.  I know these are just jeans, but this purchase changed the way I look at fashion.  Fashion isn't just for skinny people (whatever your definition of skinny is).  Fashion is for anyone who wants to enjoy looking good and feeling confident, and I don't care who you are, I know you want to look good and feel confident!

This brings up another very important issue: since my purchase I have ditched the word skinny from my vocabulary.  Skinny is a dumb word, and I don't like it!  It sounds bad and it is bad.  Seeking skinny got me nowhere, seeking healthy is taking me places.  Did either attempt help me lose weight, no?  But the latter is making me feel comfortable, happy and confident.  Seeking skinny never gave me those benefits.

I have lived the last several years of my life in a "weight-loss mentality."  I have been semi-happy with my weight, but have always wanted to lose a few.  When I reflect on the last 3 or 4 years, I realize that my weight has not fluctuated (give or take a pound or two).  Despite days of indulging, days of deprivation, days of long workouts, and days when I didn't work out at all...I find that my weight has not changed at all!  I believe in something called "happy weight" and I am wondering if I have been there all along and just won't let myself believe it.  Releasing the "weight-loss mentality" scares me.  I considered making a New Year's Resolution this year to not lose weight.  The thought makes me smile, but also makes my stomach do a flip in nervous-anxiousness.  What do I do if I am not trying to lose weight? I define myself internally by wanting to lose weight, so if I took that away, who would I be?  Would I be a happy, strong and confident woman?  Maybe it is worth looking into?!

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  1. I look forward to hearing the answers to those questions....