Sunday, December 19, 2010

Third Annual Cookie Party

I look so prepared!  The reality was we were super busy right up until 6:30pm when the party started.  Luckily, my guests are always late, so we found some time to have a quick photo shoot before the party began!
That light was one of the reasons we were running so far behind.  One of four reasons, I should say...aka four new light fixtures for my home!  An early Christmas gift from my mom!  Thanks mom!  Can you tell how excited I am to have the hideous, gold-plated fixtures out and this beautiful chandelier in?

So the party goes like this: everyone brings one or two dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies to exchange while munching on yummy vegan snacks and sipping wine and enjoying one another's company.  If that is the party description, then I would have to say last night's get together was a huge success!  Let the food porn ensue:
Whoops! Who let the baby into the food photo montage?
Look how cute this little family is!  I just love them!
Whoops that baby doesn't belong there either!  Sadly I didn't get a photo of the baby and the real mama.  My photos tend to be food-heavy these days.  New Year's Resolution is to take more photos of people!  This was the 3rd Christmas party where Mr. Kummerow and I vowed to get a photo of the two of us and failed miserably.  Fourth times a charm?
Vegan Faith Fact: I love gingerbread houses.  This year I made my very own one, completely from scratch!
And of course, it isn't a cookie party without the sugar cookie decorating!
A beautiful mess!
Love the bright colors this year!  Thanks for the contribution Maureen! 

I had so much fun last night with my best friends!  I ate way too much sugar, maybe had one too many glasses of wine and I might have even had a few non-vegan options.  I made up a new cookie-party rule that says you can try at least one of everything!  No matter who you are or what your dietary choices are!  The holidays are all about indulging!  This week I will be indulging in lots of quality time with the hubby, lots of leftovers and lots of exercise! 

If these photos are making you hungry for cookies and/or jealous you missed out on the fun, just shoot me an email and I will include you next year on the invites!  All are welcome!  And if you live too far away to attend, the recipes will all be posted this week!  I'm off to enjoy the last few precious hours of the weekend!  Good night!

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  1. I love that picture of you with the chandelier! So cute! Looks like an awesome spread :)