Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Southern White Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Do you see the white stuff in the photo above?! Well that turned into this...
And we enjoyed a White Christmas!  This isn't a new thing for us, Mr. Kummerow being from Chicago, we have spent many White Christmases up North.  But this was our first White Christmas in North Carolina!

We had a slow moving morning.  The presents were opened the night before, I even prepared the casserole I was bringing the night before.  All that was left to do was pop the food in the oven and then convince Mr. Kummerow to go for a run with me.  We jogged 3-4 miles on empty streets in the cold.  But at least we finished before the snow settled in! 

As we returned home, we showered, finished the casserole and loaded the car.  Mr. Kummerow's mom lives just an hour away in Winston-Salem, so when we don't travel for the holidays you can typically find us eating dinner with the VonDrasek's.  The hour-long drive also gives us the opportunity to call all of our family back at home.  As we pulled out of the driveway, the first snowflakes were beginning to fall.
As we reached W-S I urgently ushered our hosts outside for a quick photo shoot.  Who knows in North Carolina how long the snow will fall.  Turns out it would continue to fall all day, into the night and even into this morning!
Our happy hosts returned to the kitchen and laid out yummy appetizers that pleased my belly- in the hustle and bustle of the morning, we accidently skipped breakfast.
Soon dinner was served and drinks were poured. 
My trifecta of beverages!  Mimosa, red wine and water. 
This was another Field Roast product, and while not as good as the EnCroute, it was still very succulent!  The flavor was all there, but I missed the pastry shell that the previous loaf boasted.
The sides included steamed broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes and Vegan Scalloped Potatoes.  The scalloped potatoes were our contribution, and while the photo does not do this dish justice, it was pretty darn good.  The sweet potato mash was made by our hosts and included vegan butter and vegan sour cream and a dash of honey.  Who knew sour cream was the key to a light and fluffy mash!?
My plate with a small side salad.
I caught wind of a very special dessert that was coming up, so I opted to not indulge at dinner and save room.  Luckily, because after dinner this emerged from the fridge!
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger Snap crust and Guava Gingerbread Men!  Now Alina and Ron will be the first to tell you they are neither dessert eaters or bakers!  They were nervous about making this dessert all along but they certainly impressed their guests this time! 
The cheesecake was the perfect balance of dense flavor and light and fluffy texture with a crunchy crust.  The guava gingerbread men made it whimsical and fun!  Served with coffee (mine in a mug with Mr. Kummerow's childhood face!) and cookies on the side (contribution from the cookie party) and I was in a holiday heaven!
The hosts taste-tested each of the Cookie Party cookies and exclaimed the Cherry Almond cookies from Emily and the Red Velvet Cake Balls from Brandy were the favorites.  Vegan Cookie Fail!  However, the Vegan Empire Cookies got a few compliments, and with a few suggestions I am sure they will be just like Grandma's next year! 

During dinner we got on an interesting conversation about our faith.  The VonDrasek's moved to NC around the same time Mr. Kummerow and I did.  They told us how their faith has been strengthened since they moved to the area and really believe that their move to Winston-Salem was God-purposed and led.  They have since started attending a church every Sunday, strengthened their prayer time with God and put faith in His son Jesus Christ.  They will also be starting Bible Studies as part of their New Year's Resolution! 

It is interesting to hear their testimony because Mr. Kummerow and I feel very similar about our own move to North Carolina.   We were neither regular church attenders or follower's of Christ Jesus when we moved here.  We had very little faith in a higher being and lived selfishly.  When we moved here, we were surrounded by folks who openly believe and discuss their faith.  I joined a Bible study at work soon after starting my new job and began to make some serious life changes to allow room for Christ in my heart.  Mr. Kummerow and I began to attend church and finally settled on Lake Norman Fellowship where the members became our family and were integral in strengthening our faith and leading us to be full worshippers of Jesus.  By the time we were married in 2009 we both had put our faith in Christ and soon after Mr. Kummerow was baptized. 

I am confident that no matter where we would have moved we would have eventually found Christ as our savior, but because of the jobs God led us to, and the people we met here, we have been saved.  And I am so grateful God led us here, and led Alina and Ron to North Carolina!

Especially because they can host us for dinner on holidays when we don't want to travel!  Once again, Mr. Kummerow and I were so very blessed by the VonDrasek's.  From dinner to dessert to gifts, they really out did themselves!  We received some really neat one-a-kind ornaments, Christmas decor and charity gifts that blew me away!  They also promised that this would be the last of the traditional Christmas "poopers" that we would receive. 
What with Mr. Kummerow nearing 30, the family decided that this would be one tradition put to rest (he receives these for every stinking holiday!)  I fear for my future children's future, however!

We braved the snow and made it home safely.  The rest of the afternoon is a blur of food and drink induced coma.  Somewhere around 6pm I started to come out of it, just in time for my stomach to tell me it was time to eat again.  This time I wanted nothing but a wholesome bowl of greens.
Reheated Green Monster Soup with brown rice and leftover broccoli mixed in. 

We decided to brave the snow once again for an old Christmas tradition: a movie.  We have been wanting to see a film at the Our Town Cinema in Davidson, NC for a while (they serve yummy food and drinks at comfy arm chairs and tables).  We watched How Do You Know with Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon.  I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed.  But it was good for a few laughs! 

Finally we were home for the evening.  The snow was still falling and we received word that church was canceled for this morning.  Bummer.  A real snowed-in day.  Hopefully it won't keep us from making it to a restaurant for the Bears game this afternoon!
I hope you had a pleasant Christmas and I promise all holiday recipes will be posted by tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

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  1. I wouldn't mind a trifecta of beverages. :D

    And I was so thrilled to see a White Christmas here in GA. First time in 130 years.