Thursday, December 30, 2010

No regrets!

I woke up this morning with the daunting reality that I was no longer on vacation! Sure it is still Christmas break, and while I am planning to do GOTR work, I don't have to babysit the kids until Monday, so in a way it still feels like vacation.  But I'm talking about my New York vacation. 

It was slightly disappointing to wake up in North Carolina this morning.  While I am fully aware of the reasons I decided not to go, I would be lying if I said there wasn't a bit of regret. 

I based part of my decision not to go on the "one whole day has already been wasted" excuse.  But in reality, if I would have taken my flight and gotten there late last night, I would have had 5 full days in New York which is plenty long for me.

So I started second-guessing my decision to stay home.  I tossed and turned in bed this morning, so I got up pretty early and finished off the book of Luke in the New Testament.  Somehow reading about Jesus' death and resurrection made my little decision seem very minute.  It put things in perspective and I determined not to waste another day by regretting my decision to stay home.  I put my big girl panties on and dealt with it.  Then I got on to other matters.

First was the case of leftover rice wrappers in my fridge that have been there for nearly 4 months.  Rice wrappers become very difficult to maneuver when they are older so I wanted to use them up before it was too late.

Inside the spring rolls were mushrooms, rice noodles, cabbage, romaine and carrots.  I had enough leftover wrappers to make 8 and with my leftover chopped veggies I am going to whip up miso soup and that will be lunch.  For a full tutorial on how to roll a spring roll check out this post.  Mr. Kummerow emerged from the bedroom around the time I was finishing up this project and together we cleaned the kitchen mess. 

Next project to tackle: unpacking the suitcase.  It is not fun to unpack a suitcase ever.  But it is certainly less fun when you didn't even take the trip.  The good news is it is finished.  If I didn't tackle it right away, I'm sure the suitcase would have remained packed for several days, maybe weeks.

Third matter was yoga class.  (Oh I did manage to squeeze in a bowl of cereal at some point.)  I got in my cold car (even more reason not to be in New York right now!) and drove to the gym.  What, no 9:45am class? I swear one used to exist at that time!  Yoga, fail. 

Now I am home trying to stay motivated to go back to the gym at noon for another yoga class but I am not making any promises today.  Today is about staying happy.  Happy with my decisions.  Happy with my choices.  And if I choose no yoga today, there is always tomorrow! 

By the way, there are many good things to not taking the trip and these are what is keeping me positive:
  • Like I mentioned, warmer weather.
  • I get to spend New Year's with Mr. Kummerow and some close friends.
  • I will get to do my 13 miler in 60* weather this weekend!
  • I am saving over $300! Maybe I will get those new boots after all!
  • And when I finally visit New York in the spring, the weather will be beautiful!
What are your New Year's plans?  I will be watching the ball drop in Times Square from the warmth and comfort of the Biszas' home and hopefully be thankful that I am with my husband and warm and not out in the cold with lots of strangers. 

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  1. I don't blame you for bailing on NYC - and you can go back another time!

    I don't find New Years that exciting, so I'm babysitting for my niece so my sister-in-law and her husband can go out! Time with a baby and chilling with cable tv - win!