Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's my Cyber-Birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

It's my Cyber-Birthday and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to...

Happy December 2nd!  Today is my one year blogging anniversary, and when I began blogging it never occurred to me that I would either make it to a one year mark, or care if I made it to a one year mark! I am, and trust me I care!

I'm not really crying here...tears of joy perhaps that I have found an outlet, an audience, and a topic that has stuck.  Or maybe these are tears of sadness because I don't have the time today to properly celebrate this monumental occasion.  If you have read the blog for a while, I'm sure you realize how much I like to celebrate

Today is Thursday and on the agenda today is/was a large grocery shopping trip to feed all the volunteers and coaches dinner, a trip to the chiropractor with x-rays involved, stuffing race bags, babysitting the kids, setting up for our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, hosting the dinner, seeing Caitlin Boyle (woo-hoo) and of course cleaning up from the dinner.  With all that on the to-do list when will I squeeze in a celebration?

I really want to relax at home, bake a fabulous cake, re-live all my blogging memories, and perhaps indulge in a glass of wine this evening.  But even the glass of wine cannot happen...because tomorrow is a 19-miler!  So yes, despite my angst over pain yesterday, I am still attempting this long run.  The x-rays showed nothing wrong with my knee or foot, no stress fracture or anything.  (Secretly I was hoping for a stress fracture so I could give up these silly marathon dreams) But I digress.

Instead of all the fun things I'd hoped for my very first Cyber-Birthday...I will just leave you with some fun memories and a couple top ten lists!

Lets play a fun game called Remember When...

Remember when I wanted to be a wedding planner and I started this blog to help boost my "business"?
the beginning

I think only one person read that entry, and that was probably Crystal, the woman who inspired me to write.  Crystal and I met randomly through a Craigslist ad.  She is an excellent wedding photographer and inspired me to make my dream a reality!  Crystal also offered a complimentary session for some professional shots of me and even made me business cards.  I owe her big for all of her help!

Remember when I set New Year's Resolutions last year?

Let's see, how did I do?  Well, I am no longer planning weddings...FAIL.  I did not, nor will I run a marathon in 2010 (I changed that goal to running 26 @ 26--which means I have until March 5) SEMI-FAIL, and I have not paid off very much debt this year, but we have paid off some...SEMI-FAIL.  While it went un-noted on the blog, one of my biggest goals in 2010 was to eat vegan...SUCCESS.  Funny how that is what the blog is all about now, yet I was too nervous to write about it at the beginning of last year!  Can't wait to set some new resolutions for 2011!

Remember when I struggled with an opportunity to work for Girls on the Run and whether I should continue pursuing my dream as a wedding planner?  And then I let the cat out of the bag.

Wow has my left changed since then!  The blog was just 4 months old and in a serious state of transition.  My life was in a serious state of transition.  I wanted to plan weddings, but I wanted to be a part of Girls on the Run so much more! 

Remember when I first wrote about food?  And the second time?

Those were my first food-obsession confessions ever.  They were the first indication of the direction this blog would take (because remember when I had no direction?  They were also the first steps to healing my disordered eating (still in progress).

Remember when Mr. Kummerow grew his beard really long...and then shaved it?

Remember when I surprised Mr. Kummerow with a birthday trip to Myrtle Beach and planned all the food for the trip?  That was the real turning point for this food/healthy living blog!

Remember when I first wrote about running?  And I hated it so much!  Now look at me!

Remember when I ate at Chicago Diner?  One of my first vegan dining experiences?  So good!  And let me just say that every other post in June was pretty much about food!  I think I started to find a theme!

Remember when Mr. Kummerow first read my blog?

Remember when I wrote my first post about my faith?  Now the blog is starting to make sense!

Remember when my brother visited me and we hiked forever?  I do!  How could I forget!

Remember when I first tried Banana Soft Serve?  My life will never be the same!

Remember when I started my Tuesday Topics series?  Wow! I kinda forgot about those...maybe I should get back on the wagon with that!

Remember when I fell off the scooter?  Wow that hurt!

Remember when I chopped off my hairBig changes!

Life has really changed in a year! I have really found my passions and am living my dreams.  The blog has helped me discern what is really important to me.  I found that certain topics were more fun to write, and came to me more easily.  Those were the topics that I wrote about the most.  And that was how the blog found its theme.  We went from a blogspot address, to my very own domain name.  I played with several topics and titles...but eventually I landed on Vegan Faith.  I'm happy I let the blog find its own rhythm instead of forcing it into one.  It helps me to enjoy what I do and never grow weary of writing. 

Thank you for reading, for caring about me and my life.  Thank you for your support and your trust.  This blog has been a wonderful blessing in my life.  And I hope that you find it meaningful to you in some way. 

I leave you with one final is reader's choice top ten list...these are the most read blogs posts of year one!

10. Happy Thanksgiving
9.  Lunch Post
8.  Celebrate at North Harbor
7.  Last Labor Day Weekend Post
6.  Celebrate Frye Style
5.  Almost the Weekend
4.  Vegas Wedding Bells
3.  Vegas Vegan- Wynn Buffet
2.  Absolute Organics and Banana Soft Serve
1.  Ch-ch-ch-changes

Thanks again for reading!

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  1. It's hard to believe it has been a year already! I remember when you first talked about doing this and how nervous/excited you were! You have grown so much this last year and I am so happy to be apart of it literally, on the blog, and in marriage. Congrats Tanya!