Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to get in the Christmas Spirit

How to get in the Christmas Spirit

Decorate your home:
Spend time with friends and family:
Bake, bake, bake:
Sip hot cocoa:
Decide your home is not decorated enough...and string popcorn and cranberries up on your mantle:
 Enjoy a delicious bowl of Peppermint Chip Banana Soft Serve!
Peppermint Chip Banana Soft Serve
serves 2-3

3 frozen bananas
1 tsp vanilla
4 Starlight Peppermint candies
1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips

In food processor, blend starlight mints.  Remove.  Place frozen bananas in food processor and combine.  It will become the texture of dip n dots.  Add in vanilla and let blend a while longer, stirring down the sides occasionally.  It will begin to whip into a soft-serve texture.  Add the starlight mints back in and blend for a minute.  Add in Chocolate chips and blend a few seconds more, but not until the chips are completely crushed.  Serve!

And finally, don't forget the real reason for the season:
I hope you are in the Christmas Spirit!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh I how I love Christmas, more excuse to bake!

  2. ha ha ha ha ha I love the christmas ornament...that's PERFECT!. Love the blog too. Put me on the invite list next year for the cookie dinner! Have a great week.