Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Holiday Tradition

Thanks again Tim and Jill for hosting another fun party!
As always, the food was abundant and the drink was flowing! Here are the highlights of the evening...
The hummus was our contribution.  I wish I could say it was homemade...but I was just too busy this weekend!
Jill is so creative with her appetizers and nibbles.  These looked amazing!
Despite her napkins, Jill spent many hours in the kitchen preparing for this event.
Best pecans ever!
Another creation from Jill!
My husband.  Admit it, he's hot!
Fun friends!  Love the shirt Greg! (I promised it would make the blog!)
This was an unexpected treat.  A pumpkin spice cocktail that Jill made vegan!  So yummy, but super strong.  Just one cup and I was feeling tipsy!
Our happy hostess!
Infamous Buffalo Chicken Dip!
My personal favorite of the evening...bruschetta and olives!
My plate all served up!  Pecans, cukes, olives, bruschetta, and some hummus on crackers.
Our sweet friends Andy and Wendy.
And Sara and Greg.

Every year we do a White Elephant Gift exchange.  And every year it gets better and better.  The highlight of this year's event was the shake weight!  (Last year the hot item was the snuggie).  Kosal even demonstrated its use for us!
Let me just put on the record, I do not like the woman who appears on the Shake-Weight DVD.  Watch it and I'm sure you will understand.

Mr. Kummerow ended up opening several gifts...all of which contained milk products!  What are the odds!
We retired pretty home and in bed by midnight!  Saturday was a long day with an early wake-up call for Thunder Road and a busy afternoon of Christmas shopping and champagne sipping.  We slept a full 8 hours before pulling ourselves together for church. 

As always, another perfect Sunday.  Any Sunday I no longer have to work is a perfect Sunday!  Church, work out and dinner party with new friends.  But that's another post for another day!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Goodnight!

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