Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

On Wednesday evening, we checked out the light show at the speedway. Friends of ours have a cute little kindergartner who just loved every display! The lights were pretty fantastic, although quite difficult to photograph. But inside there were some fun things going on too.
Like a display of race cars, some with tires as big as Nathan!

There were also Christmas trees decorated by local businesses and agencies. 
Look, I found the Girls on the Run tree!
It was a brisk evening and we were happy to be back in the car.
The event is only $20 a car.  And if you pack the car like we did, you can get a pretty good deal!

Back to the Thursday/Cyber-Birthday/Volunteer Celebrations.  I got the coolest cyber-birthday gift of all.
Caitlin Boyle, author of Operation Beautiful, came to speak at my Girls on the Run Volunteer Appreciation Dinner!  I was so excited to host this event, and even more so because I knew my coaches would love hearing about the Operation Beautiful movement!

Operation Beautiful-transforming the way you see yourself one post-it note at a time! The idea is to write fun, uplifting messages on post-it notes and leave in public spaces for women (and men) to find.  These notes bring joy and positive energy to the note-finders.  A few of my favorite notes I've seen on the website are, "You are stronger than you think." "Quit seeking skinny, and start seeking healthy." "The number on the scale does not measure worth."  The notes can be about anything, weight, personality, etc.  But the concept is to stop Fat-Talk, the negative self-talk we tell ourselves.  Caitlin shared with the coaches how they can incorporate Operation Beautiful into coaching Girls on the Run.  The two organizations align so beautifully, in mission and spirit.  It is only natural to work together!

Of course no good event is complete without a wonderful spread of food.  And if you know me, you know that it was a colorful, beautiful, healthy spread!
Of course the end I photographed had all the sweets!  Unfortunately not vegan or homemade...hey a girl only has so many hours in a day!  Trust me it was good and healthy and plenty!  It even made an appearance on Caitlin's blog!

I always get so nervous about eating when I am leading an event.  Usually if I even attempt to eat, I end up setting my plate down to find something or someone and can't find it later.  I was so busy last night, it didn't even occur to me to make a plate.  But don't worry, the best part about hosting is all the leftovers!
And of course the minute I got home and unpacked, this was quickly made and devoured!
Veggies and hummus on spelt tortilla.  You have been seeing a lot of these on the blog lately.  They are my new favorite!  Sorry coaches I didn't bring the tortillas for you!

Soon after, my sweet tooth was aching, so I quieted it with this bowl
Just a leftover Carrot Cake Cookie Bite from the freezer with fruit and nut mix and a handful of carob chips.

This morning I woke up and began preparing for my long run.  But once I put my to-do list together, I quickly realized, once again, there are not enough hours in a day.  Hello! I am directing a 5k tomorrow morning, I should be working the day before.  Instead of 19, I'm getting ready to meet some friends for 10 miles, and hopefully those extra two hours will be enough for the day!

To prepare for the run I ate this whole bagel!
A local bagel shop donated 2 large bags full of bagels to us this morning.  The aroma of the everything bagels caught my attention!  They will be donating another two large bags tonight, so I thought one wouldn't be missed, right?  I haven't had an everything bagel in so long.  When Mr. Kummerow and I go out for bagels we always get a sweet flavored bagel or whole grain or something that goes with peanut butter because that is the only topping we can have.  But since I have vegan butter and cream cheese at home...I was very excited to dig right into this!

That was before my mind registered that one of these NY style bagels is really almost 8 servings of bread!  Should have thought ahead.  Now I have a brick in my stomach and I am going out for a run!  It sure tasted good though!

Have a great Friday!  And join us at CiCi's Pizza tonight for Girls on the Run Spirit Night!  Don't forget about the New Balance Girls on the Run 5k tomorrow morning in Statesville!  You can still register to run!  Only $15!

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