Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Yesterday started great.  When I posted yesterday I was still flying on a 5k high!  I was full of joy, gratitude and elation.  Unfortunately, all those positive emotions quickly gave way to something not so wonderful.  Last night I was moody, cranky, and perhaps a little depressive.  Not sure what got into me, but I know that I was acting like a spoiled brat and I couldn't snap out of it.  All of our fun plans were ruined because I was in a funk.

I did manage to cook a delicious chili. 
Unfortunately, my mood has continued throughout today.  I tried to start on a good note today, but something as little as forgetting the rolls for church turned it all upside down. 

I started today with a breakfast of leftover coaches dinner fruit salad and leftover race bagels.
Despite my attitude over the rolls, I managed to enjoy church.  What's not to enjoy when you have 40 or so tiny Testify Too singers performing a Christmas show in lieu of a sermon (not that I don't thoroughly enjoy Doug's sermons)?

Lunch wasn't bad either.  Take a wild guess?
Yup, more coaches dinner leftovers.  Look at those beautiful colors!
All topped off...
These girls helped cheer me up for a bit.
I walked in the Christmas parade in Harmony with our Girls on the Run team from Harmony Elementary.  Toby the girl came with me too!
The parade concluded with a sing-a-long in the bus on the ride back to the cars.
And then I was headed home, with a little stop at Starbucks to reward myself for being out in the cold so much yesterday and today!  Just a tall soy Gingerbread Latte. 

Well I thought I was in a much better mood at that point, but somehow once I settled down at home, I started to feel weighted down with crankiness again.  Dinner was yummy, however.
Sweet potato pancakes (for recipe check out my potato pancakes and sub mashed sweet potatoes) and you guessed it, more coaches dinner leftovers...
Well that pretty much brings us up to speed.  Dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner...all in a not-so-good mood.  I need a pick-me-up!

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