Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deck the Halls

Warning...sugar coma ahead:
Maybe I shouldn't have had the cookies with it.  However, this stuff makes the best hot cocoa!
A little Charlie Brown action before this...
Biggest Loser Marathon (this was last night).

I absolutely love the Biggest Loser.  I am addicted to it.  Of course it didn't keep me from the cookies and hot cocoa last night!  I did find Emily's post interesting today and actually agree with many of the sentiments she makes regarding the Biggest Loser Marathon.

Tonight was D & D at the Kummerow home (term coined by Mr. Kummerow).  Dinner and Decorating.  It has been a while since we have had dinner together so our evening began in the kitchen with some side-by-side cooking.
We produced this masterpiece.  I finally perfected the tofu cooking method also found on Emily's blog, the Front Burner.
The texture was great!  I am very pleased with how the tofu turned out.  The rest of the meal consisted of baby bok choy, steamed and topped with olive oil and ume vinegar and brown rice with stir-fried onions, peppers and broccoli in shoyu sauce.  This was a delicious meal and not counting the rice, took about 10 minutes to prepare.  We used the rice cooker and popped it in the micro about 30 minutes before we started cooking everything else.  Quick and easy, healthy and satisfying.  We haven't had stir-fry in a very long time.  I'm not sure why, it is so yummy and easy!

Finally the good part.  I have been waiting to decorate until I had all the race stuff organized and cleared out of the house.  Tonight we brought the boxes out of the attic and got to work.
My bestie Melisa gave me this ornament.  She's awesome!
Melisa also gave us this ornament as a wedding gift!
Our souvenir from our honeymoon in Kauai
The white one on the left was a gift from Mr. Kummerow
A gift to Mr. Kummerow our first Christmas together...the year he proposed!
And his gift to me that same year
This is our new Christmas tree!  We found this for just $15 at Ollie's.  I was so excited!
The final touch on the tree...the star!
Then I set to work creating a gingerbread house.  I love gingerbread houses, but Mr. Kummerow is not the biggest fan.  When this gift came up at a White Elephant exchange, he insisted I take it.  He thinks putting this together every year will keep me from making a real one.  I don't think so!
That's my innocent smile!
All done!  We still need to pick up a few things for the house.  But I am pretty happy with the way it is looking now.  All decorated for the Pasta Party on Friday night.

Question of the run or not to run the Thunder Road Half Marathon on Saturday.  I can't decide.

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