Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Airport day

So I should be arriving right about now in New York, but instead I am still here in Charlotte, with no hope for leaving anytime soon!

I knew New York was backed up, but I thought I would get there without any issues.  I was even expecting delays so I wasn't horrified when I attempted to check my bags and the kind sir informed me I couldn't check my bags more than 4 hours in advance.  "That is all good and fine," I told the kind gentleman, "But my flight is at 11:00am, two hours from now."  Then I was informed that in fact I was wrong and "Your flight will not be leaving until 1:30pm!"

Ok, ok, I can handle that.  Mr. Kummerow had just dropped me off and I could just call him up and he would be back in minutes.  We ended up visiting the mall because home was just too far.  Even these facts I was fine with, after all, I really needed a new pair of boots before I went to New York!

I didn't become frustrated until later, when I arrived back at the airport and found my flight to be delayed even longer.  Now, as I sit here, I can imagine the Jet Blue employees smiling in sympathy to us naive passengers who think we are getting to New York today.  I told Mr. Kummerow I get the feeling it just isn't happening.

But perhaps that is because this trip feels too good to be true anyhow.  Here's hoping we will board soon enough.  In the meantime, let me tell you about the rest of my day!

It all began at 5am when the alarm rang for the first time.  I was convinced I would work out before I left, because the chances of squeezing in a workout in NY are slim.  We all know I will not be running outside (despite the running shoes that I always pack just in case!).

Well Mr. Kummerow and I finally rolled out of bed around 5:30 and ushered off to the gym to lift some weights and push through another dreadmill workout!

Minutes 1-4: walk at 4.0 mph
4-14: run at 6.3 mph
14-18: walk at 4.0 mph
18-20: run at 6.8
20-21: walk at 4.0
21-23: run at 7.0
23-24: walk at 4.0
24-26: run at 7.2
26-27: walk at 4.0
27-29: run at 7.4
29-30: walk at 3.5

A bit of intervals and speed work was all my mind could tackle on the treadmill after my 3 mile run on the machine yesterday.  It was a good sweaty work out and while I was home showering, Mr. Kummerow popped over to our favorite bagel place for this goody:
Everything bagel with sliced avocado.  I once thought my everything bagel days were over when I quit eating butter and cream cheese.  Let's face it, peanut butter isn't that great with the salt and garlic!  But when I discovered this combo above, I was a very happy vegan gal!

After breakfast we headed to the airport, then headed out to the mall where I did not find boots and then back to the airport.  After learning of the further delays, I was tempted to have Mr. Kummerow come back and pick me up, but I figured this way I could get some work and blogging done while I'm stuck here (Charlotte airport has free WiFi!)

By the time I made it through security I was ravenous and whipped out my packaged lunch:
Apparently security does not like peanut butter, because they sifted through my whole lunch box.  They also ended up crunching and mashing everything in side!  Oh well, still tasted good!
Spelt tortilla with Justin's Maple Almond Butter, pumpkin puree and sliced bananas.  I also ate some pretzels and a little granola.  And one of the lemon cookies I packed.

Now I just heard word that the plane we are waiting on is getting ready to leave JFK and should arrive by 2:30pm (if it gets to take off!).  Which means we should be boarded and back on our way to JFK by 3ish!  Good news!  I will miss a whole afternoon in New York, but things could be worse.  I choose to stay positive!

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