Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Topics- Go Vote!

I don't think I need to elaborate on this one.  We all know we should do it.  I, myself, have been putting it off all day debating about how to go about voting.  I want to be educated and I struggle with politics, because I know that I will never know enough.  I have decided to stick with the basics on this one today.  Whatever that means.  I'm not going to get into who is the right person to vote for, or the issues.  But the big issue today is exercising your right to vote.

I have skipped voting many times since I have been eligible.  But I am not going to skip anymore.  If for no better reason than thousands of women fought and pushed for me to have the right to vote in this country...and that is a good enough reason for me.

So go vote!  And enjoy this beautiful November day!

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