Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans

Originally, Mr. Kummerow and I were planning to drive to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with my siblings.  After a long weekend in the mountains, and lots of driving, neither of us were interested in stepping back into the car in just a few short days.  When I found out my brother wasn't going to be home long and I wouldn't really see my sisters that much, we made our decision to stay home.

Without holiday plans with family, we debated whether to even cook a Thanksgiving feast.  It seemed silly to go through the rigmarole.  But it also seems sad to not celebrate in some way.  Ideas were tossed around and we landed on a few good ones.  Ultimately, as a food blogger with lots of time off my real job this week, it seemed only natural to prepare some sort of holiday dinner.

I turned to the ideas of fellow food bloggers.  I thought about the Green Bean Casserole I trialed last week.  I dreamed of sweet potato casseroles and searched for delicious vegan stuffing recipes.  Ideas swirled in my mind, but today, I have a new thought:

A simple and fresh, easy Thanksgiving dinner for two. 

Here is our menu:

Baked Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Sauteed green beans in lemon and garlic
Simple homemade cranberry sauce
Maple spiced Quinoa with walnuts and cranberries

We are using all of the holidays finest showstoppers, the best ingredients of a Thanksgiving meal, and simplifying it down to the basics.  No over-the-top casseroles that lay heavy in your belly and stick for days.  No torturous and grueling hours in the kitchen, slaving over a dinner that will last just a few short minutes.  None of that.  We will enjoy merely an hour in the kitchen cooking up this fine feast which will leave more time for the good stuff.

What good stuff?  Well being the food blogger that I am, I will be spending hours in the kitchen, but not slaving over casseroles.  Rather, I would like to try my hand at homemade bread.  I would also like to attempt my first ever vegan pumpkin pie.  Those are two recipes you can look forward to this week.

We also have plans to help our friends move, make a final attempt at salvaging a marathon training program, and enjoying a stay-vacation of our own.  The excitement of the long weekend is going to make Monday and Tuesday fly right by!

What is on your Thanksgiving menu?  How are you planning to spend your holiday?  Any travels? 

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