Monday, November 15, 2010

Hiking in the Mountains

Day 2 started similar to Day 1, coffee on the porch with my favorite person. Then we were back to the Parkway on our way to Linville Falls. We had high hopes for a great hike, but were sorely disappointed when we realized all the trails were less than a mile long. We headed out to see the falls, knowing this would be a short but rewarding trip.
We saw the view from several different angles and hiked up Erwin's View.  It was pleasurable but short.
I love my hubby!
Look at these blue skies we experienced all weekend!
Hiking has been a favorite of ours since we moved to North Carolina.  This weekend we reminisced about all of our favorite vacations and hikes.  Our first hike together was at Camp Harrison.  We lost our trail and ended up hiking straight up the mountain! 
Isn't my husband the cutest?!
We left Linville falls and headed to an overlook on the Parkway.  I think this was called Beacon's View or Beacon's Point or something.  It is another short hike to another awesome view.  So of course another photo shoot ensued...
Some more self-timer action
I know you think we are awesome!
The mountains are so full of magnificent glory! We are so blessed to be just a few hours and long weekend vacation away from these amazing views!
These three in the photo above got a pretty good kick out of our jumping photo shoot!

After a brief stop, we were back on the Parkway in search of some longer hiking.  We made it to Moses H. Cone Park which was beautiful and had just the mileage we were after.  The park is named for a man who found great pleasure in road-building.  On what used to be a private residence, miles of dirt roads stretch around a lake and apple orchards.   Quite different than most mountain hiking I have experienced, this was quite a treat.
This next bit, I have debated whether to write about.  I always question just how personal I should be on the blog, and more for my loved ones sake than my own.  But in an effort to show you that I am only human, and not some sort of true blog superwoman...I must share the ups and the downs of my life.  So on this longer hike, Mr. Kummerow and I had a slight disagreement.  I was very angry, and he was angry and we walked in silence for almost a full mile.  Now obviously, this is not our first argument, but one that is worth documentation, none-the-less.  You see, when we typically argue, I sort of freeze up.  I get silent and at times will give the silent treatment for hours.  I can remember arguments where I would be silent for days.  So our one-mile silence before working it out was a huge success for us.  I determined that I would not allow one small misunderstanding to ruin our time together.  I had to talk.  I had to speak.  I had to work it out with Mr. Kummerow and not shut him out.  This is so hard for me.  Maybe it's a pride thing.  Maybe I am just stubborn.  But on this rare occasion, we resolved our disagreement without letting it fester for hours.  We talked it out.  He talked.  I listened.  I talked.  He listened.  And we understood one another.  And then he asked a kind lady to snap our photo.
And he said that we would use this photo as a reminder of how to argue productively.  Yes he really did say that.  So there it is.  The story behind the photo.  If a photo could talk, that is what this one would say.  So now you know...we are human, we fight.  But we are getting better at it.  

And of course another photo shoot ensued...
And then we were hungry for a snack.  
Funny story, I had packed an entire picnic for us (including the usual PB&B) and then I left it at the cabin.  At least we had the presence of mind to stop for fuel for all of our hiking!  Note: that is the trail mix I used in my Trail Mix Cookies.  Luckily we also had a hearty breakfast to hold us over.  
That would be homemade Vegan Biscuits and Gravy! Recipe to come soon...but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the biscuits and I forgot to measure the gravy ingredients.  So I need one more trial before I will post.  This is the first time I have made biscuits and gravy since I went vegan.  They were just as tasty as the original!
But I digress...back to our picnic...
This little fellow sure enjoyed the picnic!

By the time we finished out our 5 mile hike at Cone Park, we were famished.  We had plans to cook at the cabin but we just couldn't make it that far.  We stopped off at Zuzda Tapas in Banner Elk for a quick snack.
This was my first Gnocci experience and I loved it! 
In a basil pesto and served with fresh tomatoes.  It was so tasty! I can't wait to try this one at home!
We also had a small loaf of Ciabatta with roasted garlic.  At least we both had the garlic!

Dinner went un-photographed.  Leftover pizza, chips and a candy bar.  Very healthy! We can't always be perfect, right?

Then we watched the movie: Prefontaine.  It was a story about the Olympic runner Steve Prefontaine.  It was a wonderful but heart breaking story.  But also wildly inspiring! I definitely recommend it! 

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