Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A fine Tuesday

My morning was off on the right foot today, despite sleeping all night on the couch!  Yup, all night on the couch.  Now let me explain...we have a really comfortable couch and at least once a week we decide to fall asleep downstairs on the couch.  Typically we end up in our bed around 1 am, but last night we lasted all night!  So a little cramped and groggy, we were up at 6:30 am.  I started with about 2 hours of work in my home office and then went downstairs for this...
What is this you might ask.  A yummy micro-muffin that only takes 3 minutes to whip up.  Inspired by (never home) maker, this breakfast is perfect for a quick and satisfying meal when you are tired of oats and toast.  If you are vegan, you probably don't eat as many pastries and muffins because they aren't so readily available.  This treat will keep you from cheating at your next visit to Starbucks!

Pumpkin-Chip Micro-Muffins
2 tbsp pumpkin puree
1/2 mashed banana
1 chia egg (1 tbsp chia seeds mixed with 3 tbsp water, let sit until gelled)
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp ground flax seed
1 tbsp peanut flour (or another tbsp regular flour)
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking soda
handful vegan chocolate chips

Lightly grease the inside of a coffee mug.  Stir together wet ingredients (pumpkin, banana, egg).  In small bowl whisk together remaining ingredients.  Stir dry ingredients into mug and mix in chocolate chips.  Cook in microwave for 3 minutes on high.  Serve on plate or right in mug. 
Check out my last micro-muffin here.

I then headed to the Y to meet my running friends for a quick 8-miler in the rain.  I have talked about my running a lot lately.  I told you briefly about my 17-miler.  The truth is is that I'm still discouraged.  The pain is still there in my foot and my knee.  Most of my runs are pretty miserable.  I am forced to walk more than I should.  My pace has slowed considerably, and it is just simply painful.  Please don't badger me to stop.  I will have to make that decision on my own.  I really do need to re-evaluate here.  I think I will start with some X-rays perhaps.  My foot has been hurting for two months now!  I think it is time to have it looked at.  Long story short: I managed the 8 miles today.  But I am concerned that I won't be able to run tomorrow and I am very concerned about my long run this weekend.  I really want to be injury-free.  Running was so much more fun then!

Moving on to lunch:
Just call me "cheater-cheater pumpkin eater."  There have been at least 4 of these wraps in my meals this week.  Let me tell you my secret.  Please don't judge me.  Mr. Kummerow and I ate at Jason's Deli on Saturday and I got a cup of soup with a piece of toasted bread and a salad bar to go.  If I dine-in on the salad bar I can never eat all of my favorites before I am full.  But if I get it to go, I can pile on the veggies and take it home and my salad can last me for several meals.  If I wrap it in a tortilla, it can last even longer.  This one salad bar served up at least 4 this week!  On the side of my lunch wrap today are leftover Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates.  Still good.

Here is dinner last night just to prove how many times I have been eating these wraps.
On the side of this wrap are dehydrated green beans.  They sat in the dehydrator for about a day and a half.  Did I mention I got a dehydrator?  Next I'm going to try apples and sweet potatoes.  Although the green beans didn't turn out exactly as I expected, they were still awesome!

Moving on to tonight's dinner.
Steamed broccoli and an open faced grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Hmm-mmm! Other items I ate today not pictured include chips and Newman's Own Mango salsa (so good!), tator tots with ketchup and a 1/4 Twilight candy bar for dessert tonight.  While these candy bars are delicious, they have nothing on last night's dessert.
That would be our last Pumpkin Pie served with Cinnamon Spice Banana Soft Serve.  I just made normal banana soft serve and tossed in some cinnamon at the end.  This was delicious.  I could have eaten the whole thing, but I did share with Mr. Kummerow! 

Today's post is just food, food, food.  It was a good day overall:

My high: coffee with Brandy before I picked up the kids
My low: a slight disagreement I had with Mr. Kummerow

Hope you had a great Tuesday! What was your high and low?

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  1. I am definitely trying your micromuffin. There are many mornings when I'm feeling kind of over oats but not sure what else I want. This will be a great way to mix it up!

    Love your blog. Trying more vegan recipes lately and all of your food looks delicious!