Saturday, November 6, 2010

Celebrate! {15 miles, done and done}

Look at my new running duds...and my goofy expression. I get kinda weird before long runs--obviously!
Last night I was on a mission to find some running tights and channeled my good friend and running buddy Angie to help me out.  I hate to shop, and I hate to spend money.  but I just needed to invest in some better running clothes!  I had a 20% off coupon to Dick's from the 8k last weekend and decided that it was the perfect opportunity.  I ended up getting a decent deal on these.  I think I paid $30-something.  Not bad, huh?  I also picked up some shorts on sale and ran over to TJ Maxx for a new sports bra and a few tops and some flared running pants.  Total purchases last: about $100.  I have an issue with spending $100 on ugly pants and other running gear...especially when I just dropped $50 on insoles last week.  This running thing is getting expensive! 

Ah-well.  The price we pay to beat ourselves up with 15 miles!  Runners are crazy!

Ok, remember my freaky illness after the 14 miles last week?  Well, I was very nervous about running today because I didn't want it to reoccur.  I got lots of advice from friends this week about how to fuel well, and with my new running clothes, I set out with motivational force!

This morning Mr. Kummerow and I volunteered at a half marathon in Charlotte.  We had to get up so early we forgot to grab breakfast.  Luckily for us there was an EarthFare nearby and I ran up to get us coffee while Mr. K filled water cups at the fuel station.  We didn't manage to eat until after the race was over (we were at mile 8 so we were done at about 9:45am).  We bought and shared two scones: (unpictured) a blueberry spelt and cranberry pecan.  They were delicious, but I nibbled cautiously.  I am so weary about eating before I run, but I knew I needed the fuel.  I also grabbed a coconut water for after my run (my favorite post-run treat!).  Pictured below is all the calories I consumed before, during and after my 15 miles.   Including at least 40 oz water.
I started with a small bite of the Clif bar, packed the hammer gel (compliments of my friend Jennifer who swears by them) and the mash-ups.  The Mash-ups is a kid food but it is pure fruit and contains about 60 calories.  I personally loved it.  I drank a small amount of water at mile 6.  At mile 8 I had the hammer gel and more water.  At mile 13 I had the Mash-ups and more water.  At the finish I drank water and about 10 minutes later ate the rest of the Clif bar and chugged the coconut water along with more water. 
I had 3 fun running partners today!  Pam ran 3 miles before Ashley and Angie and I met up with her.  Angie ran 6 with us, Ashley ran 9 and Pam and I finished out the rest of the 15.57 miles.  The pace was steady and because we ran slower I didn't need any walking breaks.  We stopped for a few minutes each time we grabbed water and food, but overall we just kept moving.  It was great!  My foot began hurting around mile 11, but after the last break it was all good.  My body really felt crumbly the last 5 miles, but I was able to push through!  I feel really good after this run and confident.  And I have also found a new running partner in Pam!  I am so thankful to have someone run the distance with me!

Upon returning home I immediately showered and dug into my packed lunch.  I thought I would make Bob's soccer game today, but unfortunately I missed it.  So I had packed a protein-rich lunch but ended up eating it at home.
It included a pack of nuts and raisins (I've eaten half), bean burrito (all gone), banana (still sitting in front of me), half vegan chocolate chip cookie from EarthFare (gone) and a slice of this amazing bread I baked yesterday (still waiting for me to dig in). 

So that is how I fueled.  I could definitely tell a difference when I consumed calories during my run.  My body felt better, stronger.  I didn't have any stomach issues during the run, and so far I am feeling good.  Tired, but good.  And that is good...because guess what tonight is?

Day 1 Anniversary Celebration! I don't know about you, but I like to celebrate special occasions over the course of a week, and sometimes month if it is a big milestone!  Tuesday is the Kummerow 2nd Anniversary!  Tonight we are cooking dinner and drinking wine!  (Unless I get lazy and convince Mr. K to take me out for chinese!) Either way, it is a celebration.  And I love celebrating. 

Today I have so much to celebrate!  A great run, a great husband, new running clothes and of course a great blog and readers!  And look what Mr. Kummerow just brought me:
Seriously, he just walked in the door from work and brought home a whole case of Pumpkin Beer from the brewery!  Oh My! My favorite beer and it is almost gone for the season...I wonder how long this will last me! So much to celebrate!

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  1. Trying to get up the courage to start my "Couch to 5k" program!!! You look great in the running gear!