Friday, October 1, 2010

Vegas Vegan- Sunday Funday

Ok, so Sunday didn't start out so fun--recovering from a Vegas style wedding isn't easy.  It required the perfect mix of remedies.  Starting with a Goody's powder, a cold shower, and lots of water.  Followed by enough bread to feed a flock of seagulls!
A little exercise never hurts either...and so we proceeded to walk off our weariness.  We made it a point to see every hotel we could in just a few short days.  Saturday's tour included Paris, Bally's, Caesar's, MGM, Tropicana, and New York New York.  Sunday we started things off at the Bellagio.  One of my favorites! But my favorite list will have to wait, for now here are a few of my favorite things from the Bellagio:
These were all taken in the conservatory.  It was the most beautiful garden I have entered! They must change it frequently- likely with every season.  It even smelled like Fall in there! I didn't want to leave, but Mr. Kummerow ushered me out and back toward Caesar's Palace for a tour of the Forum Shops.  On the way, we found this!

The highlight of the Forum Shops (other than the designer stores I dare not enter) was this:
Ha ha ha! I love my bald man!
And yes, there were samples of the (non-vegan) chocolate pizza to be had.  Good.  But not quite a solution to my recovering body.  No more chocolate for me!
These cracked me up! Straight to the veins!  That's the way chocolate should be!
I found this sign and couldn't resist a photo op! We did actually go for a run while in Vegas, on Saturday (not Sunday of course!).  It was our first trip down the strip and it was a great way to see everything.  Mr. Kummerow and I rounded out a slow 4 miles (slow so we could stop and gawk at everything).  We planned to run on Monday as well, but by Monday we had logged so many miles on foot we did not feel like putting any more on than necessary!

After the Forum Shops we stopped at Hyukami in Caesar's Palace for a late lunch.  Not sure why I was craving sushi-- not usually a favorite recovery food, I think it was more the fried vegetables, aka Tempura that was calling my name, and Miso Soup.  It was also in a quiet corner of the palace which was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Vegas.

Dinner that night was nothing to write home about either.  In fact I was so disappointed I didn't even photograph it.  We ate with friends at an Italian eatery in New York New York.  It looked promising, and the Minestrone soup was fine.  But Mr. Kummerow and I ordered the vegetarian pizza to share and were not pleased.  The menu stated it could be ordered with or without cheese, so I assumed it would have to be a pretty darn good pizza to be listed without cheese.  What we got instead was a crust with veggies.  I know you are probably thinking "of course" but let me tell you, I have been to many establishments that have created a finer vegan pizza, even without vegan cheese.  This concoction didn't even come with sauce! We sorta nibbled at the pizza for a bit, but we were both very disappointed.

After dinner we rode the coaster at New York New York.  It has been years since I have been on a roller coaster and I was scared out of my wits!
This coaster had the coolest turn that I have ever experienced on a ride before.  It is hard to describe but trust me, it is AWESOME! If you are in Vegas you should definitely try it! I can't say it is worth the money-- $14 for a 2 minute ride, but then again, you are in Vegas-- live it up!

We rounded out our evening with a tour of a few more hotels- Monte Carlo, Aria, and then headed to Paris for a lively evening at Napoleon's, the Piano Bar.
I just love, love, love Paris!
The hotels in Vegas are so big and grand, you feel like you are outside, when you are really inside.  And then you go "in" to a bar or restaurant and forget that "outside" is still really "inside."  Here we are in Napolean's and behind the piano player is a window that leads outside inside.  I thought that was super cool, albeit a huge waste of our natural resources...but hey! we're in Vegas, anything goes!

Have you been to Vegas? Where did you stay? And what is your favorite hotel/attraction?

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