Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vegas Vegan- Part Deux

Deux for one of my favorite hotels: Paris!

So here it is: my top list of Vegas hotels:

1. Wynn
2. Bellagio
3. Paris
4. New York New York
5. Golden Nugget (downtown)
6. Monte Carlo
7. Caesar's

I really can't give you an 8, 9 and 10 because I really didn't like any of the others.  Not in a Vegas sense anyhow.  The hotel/casinos I really didn't like:

1. MGM
2. Luxor
3. Fitzgerald (downtown)
4. Excaliber
5. Harrah's (even though it had this brilliant ice cream place)

I could go into extreme detail why I like some of these and why I don't like others...but it mainly had to do with the atmosphere, not necessarily the food or people.  Just the way I felt in each one.  Harrah's and Fitzgerald were so closed off and I felt very claustrophobic.  Not to mention you can smoke anywhere, and because they had low ceilings and were so small, the cigarette smoke was intoxicating.

I loved the Bellagio and the Wynn for their outstanding decor.  Both were beautiful and bright!  They were decorated in florals and whimsical designs.

Interior of the Wynn

New York New York, Caesar's and Paris get my vote for their cultural vibe.

Inside New York New York
Best coffee: Paris of course!

The Monte Carlo is bold and modern and clean.
Monte Carlo lobby

And the Golden Nugget was absolutely awesome.  After entering the Fitzgerald downtown we were expecting a similar situation (since they are both downtown and are part of the "old Vegas") However, we were brilliantly surprised with it's openness and awesome pool! 
Pool at the Golden Nugget

The MGM creeped me out with their lion exhibit.  The Luxor was dark and uninviting.  The Excaliber, also a bit creepy.

There it is my "top" and "bottom" list.  Others that didn't make the list that I visited were: the Venetian, Tropicana, Flamingo, and Aria.  I was disappointed with the Venetian and the others I really don't have an opinion on.   There were so many others we never even made it to: Planet Hollywood, Palms, Circus Circus, The Mirage, Treasure Island, and many many more!

Stay tuned for one more Vegas post: the best buffet in the world, and the best ice cream in the world! Seriously, in the whole world!

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